2.22m for State of Origin

Nine scored on Wednesday night (as if there was any doubt) with a huge audience of 2.2m viewers for the State of Origin match between Queensland and NSW.

The match saw Queensland’s Maroons defeat NSW’s Blues 16 to 12. In Sydney the game pulled 1.05m viewers, with 820,000 in Brisbane,¬†and 296,000 viewers in Melbourne.

The game blew the competition out of the water with Australia’s Got Talent dropping to 1.28m viewers, 423,000 of whom were in Melbourne, and MasterChef Australia on 1.23m which won in Melbourne on 501,000. But AGT won in Adelaide and Perth.

Almost every other show last night took a hit due to the State of Origin.

The Oprah Winfrey Show primetime special pulled 1.00m viewers over Angry Boys (805,000), Criminal Minds (642,000) and East West 101 (181,000).

Elsewhere last night Spicks and Specks was 729,000, The New Inventors was 365,000 and Hungry Beast was 360,000.

Home And Away (1.13m) bettered ABC News (895,000) and The 7pm Project (826,000).

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  1. wow channel 9 you did so well in Adelaide Noootttt, it would be nice to see State of Origin live, but I am guessing since we couldn’t see 1 live, there is no way we’re going to see 2 live. That is just rubbish!!!!

  2. @Ryano

    3 hours is not always a positive for AFL. The Swans averaged 49k on Sunday in Sydney over 3 hours.

    Hardly appealing to advertisers

  3. @Graeme This is the of the major reasons AFL gets so much more in TV rights than NRL, AFL broadcasters have a much better ability to sell advertising space many times over 3 hours of coverage.

  4. Ridiculous that it was not simulcast on GEM so we can enjoy it in HD like the rest of the world!
    Seeing as the 2 waste of space shows GEM had on during the game were not even in the top 50 shows of the night just proves 9 has no idea how to run a television station. Im guessing less than 300,000 people watched GEM from 7:30 to 10:30
    David could you inform us of the actual figures for those shows?

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