Come Fly with Me soars on Nine -but not WIN

Nine has a hit on its hands with UK comedy Come Fly With Me -with ratings numbers that send a clear message to WIN Television.

At last the Nine Network has a hit on its hands with UK comedy series Come Fly with Me.

Last night the show pulled in 1.48m viewers, possibly fuelled by WIN / NBN pulling the “controversial” series from the sensitive eyes of regional viewers.

Yesterday a WIN spokesperson told TV Tonight “The WIN Network will monitor the performance of the show and the timeslot in the metropolitan markets this evening and introduce to our schedule within the coming weeks.”

Based on last night’s ratings WIN should install the series into its schedule pronto, and Nine-owned NBN should never have abandoned it.

Compared to the performance of some other Nine shows this year, 1.48m is TV gold.

But it wasn’t enough to topple MasterChef Australia, which hit 1.57m viewers and won its timeslot. Talk of the show’s average ratings due to the success of Australia’s Got Talent are premature. One show’s success does not always mean another is tanking.

But the same cannot be said for No Ordinary Family, which in the 7:30 timeslot took a hit for Seven at 811,000 (last week 952,000). The show has already been axed in the US. Expect movement on this one shortly…

That didn’t do The Amazing Race Australia any favours, but the show did win its timeslot rising to 1.25m viewers (it would have been higher if not for the lead-in). Offspring‘s two episodes were 927,000 / 760,000 and the two CSI‘s were 748,000 / 568,000.

Nine’s first-run Big Bang Theory at 7:30pm also did good business at 1.24m.

On ABC1 Australian Story was 743,000 and Four Corners 733,000.

Neighbours was the top show on multichannels with 387,000. The premiere of An Idiot Abroad (278,000) on ONE beat SBS ONE’s Man vs Wild on 260,000.

Seven won the night.

Week 21

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  1. I finally caught the last episode. I live in Armidale, nthn. nsw.
    We were too stupid apparently to see the first few episodes.
    Wish I had.
    Oh, btw, Armidale has the highest percentage of University graduates and PHDs , per capita in the entire country.
    So maybe they pulled it because it wasn’t highbrow enough.?
    It was replaced with a show about neanderthals decorating fake rooms after abusing each other and snivelling a lot.
    Can’t quite understand the rationale. The decorating show was certainly more obscene.
    If you come to Armidale, Granny will drown you in the ce-ment pond after stuffin’ you full o’ Possum vittels.

  2. It’s like when WIN specifically edited Sex and the City for regional audiences. Or how they wouldn’t air certain shows in widescreen when Nine would (Enterprise, for one). Why do the regional broadcasters assume their audience is dumber than city folk?

  3. WIN obviously decided that the viewers of Tasmania were old enough ’cause it was on here. Pity really. No one in this house laughed aloud and we’re great fans of Little Britain. Wont be watching again.

  4. As I said elsewhere … there is absolutely No justification for the “programmer” at NBN to remove this show … the “programmer” clearly lives in the dark ages, but the community that view NBN do not!
    “Programmers” should be replaced by a “committee of viewers” and I want to be on it!!!!!

  5. Tara – here here. Well said.
    As for last night’s TV, I spent the night in Perth (away from Regional WA’s offering of no-digital TV). CFWM was hilarious. If you didn’t like Little Britain, you might find it hard to get into. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The full un-edited version (on GO!) – intrigued why they cut some of that out? Time constraints? Not that it usually stops the networks running overtime.
    An Idiot Abroad – also fantastic. A mate of mine told me about it a few weeks ago and told me to look out for it. Glad I caught it!

  6. I watched both CFWM & TARA, thought bothof then were good. TARA was well done, will be good to see future episides as jet lag starts to kick in. As good as the USA version.

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