Matt Moran fakes outburst in the name of charity

Digital media company Liquid Ideas has confirmed MasterChef’s Matt Moran agreed to fake an explosive on-set tantrum to promote an anti-food wastage campaign.

But not before the video made ‘news’ in media today, including the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

In the video Matt Moran has an outburst after a crew member walks up and turfs a plate of food in the bin.

Warning: language

Moran blasted the crew member.

“I don’t care if you’re f—ing resetting, there’s nothing wrong with that food; that’s being wasteful,”he said.

“It could have fed one of these guys; it could have fed me. Get it out of the bin and put it back on the f—ing plate.”

A crew member explains that the stylist was following orders.

Moran fires back: “Well mate if this is your job, you do f—ing shoots like this all the time, you waste food like that, I don’t want f—ing anything to do with it, get yourselves another chef.”

In early media reports Moran was being tainted as a Gordon Ramsay-like, cursing chef.

While the video doesn’t appear to be specifically for MasterChef, the TEN show does ship all its unused food to OzHarvest which distributes food to charities across Sydney and Wollongong.

But the video was quickly questioned on Twitter by many who didn’t believe it was authentic.

Source: The Age 


  1. Bereft Skerrick

    Of course it was something that was staged. And SMH and the Terror fell for it with added outrage!

    Sadly many will miss the point because they’ll be dissing the messenger instead of getting the message.

  2. “there’s nothing real about reality tv”?
    A) this clip isn’t reality tv, it’s a scripted ad campaign
    B) until you work on one, it’s difficult for you to suggest there’s nothing “real” about it. Isn’t it?

  3. Haha, classic!

    Can’t wait to see the ‘Current Affairs’ programs have a go at this as ‘behind the scenes drama’s on Masterchef’!!!

  4. I agree, my nephew wont each half his perfectly good meat if it has any sign of fat in it and leave a lot on the bones, he’s not 5 and ironically he works at McDonald’s LOL

  5. Great message there. My son who has left home won’t even eat left overs form the night before. I don’t care if this was staged or not. Don’t waste food.

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