Playhouse Disney rebrands as Disney Junior from Sunday

A launch for the rebranded Disney Junior was held at the Sydney Opera House on Wednesday.

From 6am Sunday morning the Playhouse Disney channel will be known as Disney Junior, after ten year old channel Playhouse Disney failed to resonate.

A media launch for the channel aimed at  kids age 2-7 was held at the Sydney Opera House earlier today, where media, advertisers and Foxtel celebrities mingled with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Disney even flew in actors from at Disneyworld in California to play the beloved characters, while guests were showered with confetti made from tiny Mickey Mouse “ears”.

The Australian reports General Manager of Disney Junior Worldwide, Nancy Kanter is also travelling to Singapore and several European countries to launch the Disney Junior brand.

The channel launches on Sunday at 6:00 am, but new animated series Jake and the Neverland Pirates (pictured) is its centrepiece at 10 am.

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  1. I’m also wanting to know if Disney Channel here will use a new logo.

    Also, have you heard anything about Cartoon Network Australia changing to the newer US logo as introduced there in 2010?

  2. In Week 20, Nick Jr got a 1.3 rating to Playhouse Disney’s 0.9…. both fairly respectable considering Disney gets a 1.5 to Nick’s 1.0

    They beat Boomerang (0.4), Cartoon Network (0.8), CBeebies (0.4) and KidsCo (0.1)

  3. “Playhouse Disney failed to resonate”

    I’d bet on it being “Playhouse Disney doesn’t begin with ‘Disney’ and thus the brand is diluted and it doesn’t sort in EPGs with other Disney channels”

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