Renewed: Family Guy, The Cleveland Show

FOX has renewed Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy for a 10th season and its spinoff The Cleveland Show for a fourth.

FOX also announced that the Family Guy finale will be its one-hour Return of the Jedi spoof that was released on DVD last year and features featuring guest voices including Anne Hathaway, Rush Limbaugh and Carrie Fisher.

The Cleveland finale has the family going to Comic-Con with guest voices including Emily Deschanel, Eliza Dushku, Danny Trejo and Katee Sackhoff. Art imitating comic life…

“For nine seasons, our viewers have been cracked up, delighted, surprised and, at times, gloriously disturbed by the mind of Seth MacFarlane — and they keep coming back for more,” said FOX entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “The Griffins and the Browns have become cornerstones of our Sunday nights, and we can’t wait to find out what new adventures Seth, Mike and Rich cook up for them next season.

FOX has already renewed American Dad and The Simpsons.

Source: EW, Broadcasting and Cable


  1. I think Seth realises the Star Wars remakes are not doing it anymore – he just did this last one to finish off the set. This last one was not only pretty poor, but during it there are numerous on screen lines and messages that it imply he was over the project.

  2. I love Family Guy, but I really think it needs to be put to rest.

    I have seasons 1-8 on DVD and have watched seasons 1-5 many, many, many times. But the last few seasons have just been such a drag in quality (similar to the Simpsons post-2000), I don’t even bother watching most of the new episodes, I want a mercy killing.

    Cleveland never did anything for me. However, I love American Dad! and think it still has a bit of time left in it.

  3. Whilst this is good news all round especially for the Family Guy as its been getting funnier lately i hope they dont go the same path as The Simpsons , drawn out not funny and way past its UBD.The Family Guy Star Wars movies were ok , the first Blue Harvest was the best , the last two , not so funny im afraid.

  4. Love Family Guy

    Although i would’ve been more upset if American Dad was canceled. It’s not had as long a run as FG and ever since it started it’s just always been a little more edgier. Good News all round

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