Returning: Tough Nuts

Crime writer Tara Moss will soon be returning with more Tough Nuts and continuing to be the face of Crime & Investigation Network and 13th Street channels, having re-signed for a further 12 months.

The new eight-part series will again explore true life crimes by some of Australia’s most hardened criminals with interviews and dramatised reconstructions.

“The first season of Tough Nuts was a huge success for us last year and a clear winner with our viewers. The second season is better than ever with captivating story telling and standout re-enactments. We’re thrilled to have Tara return for this exciting new season,” said Jim Buchan, Channel Manager Crime & Investigation Network.

For 13th Street, Moss will host interstitials with writers including Michael Connolly, Gary Disher, Shamini Flint and  Chris Womersley entitled Tara Moss in Conversation.

Tough Nuts will premiere on June 30 at 7:30pm, produced by Bryan Cockerill and Geraldine Coy at The Full Box.


  1. Hi David, does this mean they’re no longer making Crime Investigation Australia anymore? I’m still sad about not having anymore Forensic Investigators 🙁 Cheers

  2. get rid of tough nuts and bring back crime investigation australia Tara is a great host and would be an excellent host for crime investigation australia tough nuts is crap once again Tara is a great host it is just the show itself that is bad

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