Seven wins Sunday ratings

Dancing with the Stars just pips MasterChef in a tough Sunday night battle.

Seven has won Sunday’s ratings battle thanks to its 11th season of Dancing with the Stars.

The show won its timeslot with 1.505m just ahead of MasterChef on 1.503m. Given Dancing‘s extended premiere of 2.5hrs it is especially good. But it was also thick with cross-promotions for Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor.

Nine’s premiere of In Their Footsteps had to settle for 1.03m, and Merlin was 908,000 for TEN.

60 Minutes had to settle for third on 943,000 with Human Planet‘s finale on 632,000.

Nine’s Blood Brothers telemovie was second in its slot on 803,000 ahead of Hawaii Five-0 on 787,000 with Moby Dick fourth on 517,000.

The Bolt Report premiered to 163,000 but was beaten by Seven’s combined Amazing Race / AFL Game Day total of 332,000. An afternoon replay attracted 123,000.

Best for SBS was Empire of the Seas on 254,000.

Formula One on ONE was the best on multichannels with 320,000.

On its first day of a new-look channel ONE won the multichannel race with a big 5.1% share -although it achieved the figure with sport, not any of the new dramas it has coming.

Week 20

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  1. I’ve taped Blood Brothers and am looking forward to watching it. From what I have heard it is brilliant. It just goes to show that the viewer’s television watching habit’s are in the gutter when rubbish such as Dancing With The (So-Called) Stars beats it in the ratings!!!!

  2. deedeedragons writes “When did DWTS get popular again?”

    Well my theory is that it’s because this time they’ve really sold out and gone for more babes with great bodies to deliberately get more male eyeballs. Women may not care about whether to watch dancing or cooking, but if I get the choice give me the show with more eyecandy please.

  3. Blood Brothers getting low ratings for a premiere Australian production and In Their Footsteps getting walloped by Seven.

    The Channel Nine failures will not end until Hey Hey fans get their show back. It’s quite simple really.

  4. David am I going mad or is 7 showing castle episodes out of order? Setup/Countdown aired last night prior to next weeks Knockdown/Lucky Stiff. According to imdb the latter are episodes 13/14 and the former are 16/17. So they appear to show them out of whack and leave the 15th episode out until 22/5 presumably? I thought I had missed episodes since things seemed to jump about, is this a deliberate ploy or a mistake? It’s just annoying and very odd.

  5. Yep, got to agree with the commenters below who damned ‘In their footsteps’ with faint praise. I was hoping for something to equal the hype – even the Ch 9 NRL footy commentator virtually accused viewers of being unAustralian if they didn’t watch!

    IMO it doesn’t know what it wants to be – not factual enough for those interested in history, not soapy enough for those who want a good human interest story.
    It looks like it’s depending on the family member being good on camera – the lady relative tried very hard but it just didn’t work for me. It felt kind of …. forced.
    Which is a shame, as the facts behind episode one couldn’t have been more dramatic or moving. What sad lives some people have had.

  6. Both Nine and Ten had a great lineup of shows and I had to record stuff to watch from both networks. In your Footsteps was interesting and should have done better. Being interested in history especially WW2 made me watch this show. 60 Minutes had some good stories and should have done better. Blood Brothers was very good and I enjoyed it more than the Underbelly movies and even the previous 2 Underbelly series. It should have had double the ratings. Lisa McCune was great in this, better than on Sea Patrol. As for Ten Merlin was great, Masterchef was also great but should have been number 1 for the night while Hawaii 5 O did better figures than last week.

    As for Seven, I didn’t care, I didn’t watch. Too much good stuff on tv so I did not need or want to switch to Seven. There was no room in my tv schedule. I expected DWTS to tank. Maybe its time to bring back Dance Your Ass off and SYTYCD (Could Ten bring it back in 2012? Maybe an Eleven exclusive?) considering people love dancing shows.

  7. Who knew the multi channels would now play such a crucial role now. Good for ONE hope things continue to go well for them. Hope Merlin gets better numbers next week too.

    @ Janey or David – does anyone know the demo breakdown for last night?

  8. Lady Gaga concert on Eleven was Amazing … kudos to them for showing within hours of appearing on US television. Also #11GoesGaga was one of the highest trending tweets worldwide!

  9. Nine have got to be disappointed with the results for In Your Footsteps, they’ve been advertising the living hell out of that show for weeks and weeks on end. Sure 1 million viewers is a good result but with the amount of promotion and hype they created around it, it seems more than a little lacklustre.

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