The Voice set to sing on Nine

Shine Australia will produce an Australian version of talent quest The Voice for Nine

Shine Australia will produce an Australian version of talent quest The Voice for Nine.

The US version, which features Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton has debuted strongly, attracting an audience of almost 12 million viewers.

Based on a Dutch format, The Voice of Holland, it requires judges to audition singers, ‘blind’ by listening to the acts with their backs to them.

It also has a greater focus on coaching and ”real talent”.

Shine Australia was also behind the now-cancelled TEN series, Don’t Stop Believing.

Source: smh.com.au

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  1. It seems Ch9 are looking at having totally off shore judges & want Christina as one of the,. So do not be so quick to judge it a flop. There is no way they would use Eddie as host he is already over exposed on Tv. (unfortunately as I can’t stand him) Ch 9 could use Hamish Blake or Andy Lee (whom no one has thought off but who are genuinely nice guys) to host. There are other new talents as well that 9 has just unfortunately they do tend to stick to tried & tested hosts. An Australian Version of The Voice has to be better than Young Talent Time which 10 is bringing back lol. If they are bringing in overseas talent how about Pink? She adores Australia. Just a thought.

  2. Actually Nine have done quite a few talent shows over the years, maybe not the main franchises like idol etc. There was Star Search a few years back, and also Search for a Star. And who could forget Starstruck, the show modelled on the hugely successful British show Stars in Their Eyes, where each contestant impersonates a musical icon’s look and voice. I think The Voice would be better suited to TEN though.

  3. Australia cannot really support three talent show formats, methinks, and it does sound dangerously close to The X-Factor. We do not have the massive pool of untapped talent that the US has. As others have pointed out, Nine have zero history with this kind of format, so will be interesting to see if they make a decent fist of it or whether it gets punted to GO. I am cringing already at who Nine will get to host this, as their talent pool is so very tired and stale. I think they should recruit someone from outside the network stable for this one.

  4. To everyone saying we don’t have the talent pool – what a lame argument. The Netherlands (where this show is from) has a fraction of our population. So do dozens of Euro nations that have many more “talent” competition shows than us.
    “The Voice of Holland” was massive and beat Dutch X Factor and Dutch Idol all from a nation of 16 million people (we have 24 million)

    They also did not have Christina, Adam etc – they used big Dutch names – and the show still was huge.

  5. @Pete – in the US total viewers is meaningless. It’s all about 18-49. That makes Voice the #2 show on TV right now behind Idol. After Idol ends this week Voice will be the #1 show on US TV. It i also the #1 new show of the season. I’d call that massive

  6. Jerome, I will beg to differ with you. The Voice is not “massive” on NBC. It has aired 4 weeks now, and has beat Glee every time, but beat Dancing with the stars only in its first 2 weeks. Its premier episode had some 12 million viewers, and by week 4 its almost down to 9 million. Considering Idol still hits in the high teen to low 20 millions after about 8 American seasons, rest assured the numbers for season 1 of the Voice arent “massive”.Great show by the way. I was in New York and caught the first 2 eps.

  7. @Pete, the NBC version is massive. It is 2nd only to American Idol, taking dancing with the stars crown that it has held for 5 years.

    The issue an Aus version will have is that, unlike America, the X factor came first. To an American the whole teaming up with mentors is a new thing.

  8. Seriously on 9? fail ail fail all over it. Lets not kid ourselves its not a Huge hit on NBC. Its just not a big as a failure as the rest of their recent programming. So on 9 which of their hasbeens or wannabees will they trot out for this? Catriona? Eddie? Jules? or maybe they will push B1 and B2 onto it to get some value for the millions they are throwing at them! This needs to be on 10 for any chance of survival

  9. As long as they get proper music industry people / singers and no one from Idol., it could work. They need to be from different genre’s too so it would be


    Suggestions please.

  10. Oh geez! So not the right fit for Nine. This show is gimmicky. I very much doubt that it will last more than a couple of season’s in the US. Everyone is touting it as the next big thing but if I recall Rockstar : INXS was getting very similar figures on CBS and where is that now. In terms of a local version it would have to match the production values of the US show. Fremantle and Seven have set the bar pretty high with The X Factor and AGT in terms of the production values, the budget and investing in big name cast’s. Anything less the public will sniff out a dud and drop it faster than you can blink.

  11. I’ve been watching the NBC version of this show and its quite entertaining! Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and even Christina Agiulera are all delightful as coaches/mentors, much more so than the panel on American Idol. There’s no ‘yeah dawg’ from Randy Jackson or canned lines from Simon/Paula here.

    That said, Nine doing this show has fail written all over it. Anyone remember The Singing Bee? Skating With the Stars? HomeMADE? Didn’t think so. Nine can’t produce successful reality television unless its titled ‘The Block’, and even that show was a remake of a decade-old concept.

    Also of note, where have all the Hey Hey Its Saturday fans gone off to?

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