US version of Wilfred headed to ELEVEN

Wilfred may have started out on SBS, but the US adaptation will put his kennel down on ELEVEN next month.

Wilfred may have started out on SBS, but the US adaptation will put his kennel down on ELEVEN in Australia.

The US series is produced by FX and will screen on ELEVEN June, the same month it premieres in the States.

It features co-creator Jason Gann in his original snarling, dog-suitted role, alongside Elijah Wood as the only man who can hear him talk. The latter role has shifted slightly from the live-in lover of Wilfred‘s owner (played in Australia by co-creator Adam Zwar) to being a next door neighbour in the US series. Fiona Gubelmann plays Wilfred’s owner, Jenna.  David Zuckerman (Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill) is writer and showrunner for producers Prospect Park.

Zwar recently told TV Tonight, “I never thought that painful date I went on in 2001 with a woman and her recalcitrant half-labrador, half-dingo would keep on giving. Kudos to Renegade Films and everyone involved in the US production. But, most of all, thanks to the Aussie fans, who kept Wilfred alive from Tropfest to now.”

TEN’s Chief programming officer, David Mott, said: “We think the US version of Wilfred fits in perfectly with the demographic ELEVEN is focused on. It’s a fresh, very funny adaption of the Australian version and we think the ELEVEN audience will love it. We are also delighted to have Jason Gann back on the Network, he’s a fantastic talent and it’s great to see this clever series find an international foothold”.

Gann added: “Elijah and I are both super excited for Australian audiences to see this new incarnation of Wilfred. David Zuckerman and the whole creative team have bravely taken the show to a new place. It’s crazy, darker than ever, and yes…Wilfred still smokes bongs and has sex with anything that moves… and everything that doesn’t.”

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  1. I’ve seen the ‘sneak peek’ on ELEVEN over the last week, now not seen the original but this looks like it could be fun and a little stupid, just what you want to veg out too. So good the are fast tracking it, unlike Nine who seem to be doing the reverse with loads of their programing in the last few months on GO!.

  2. Everyone just needs to relax, just wait till it comes out on june 23, jason gann is a funny dude! Am watchin season 1 now so either way it goes we still have a great old show or something new to watch thats not the amazing survivors of jersey shores 16 and pregnant kardassians! Dumb ass (forced) reality shows!

  3. I think the main ingrediant will be missing. And thats wilfreds bogan accent. The bogan accent seem suited to the personality of a dog….No offence, besides lions, i think dogs are the coolest animal on the planet.

  4. As a Wilfred fan this doesn’t make my day… But it doesn’t end it either. From the creators point-of-view, it could be good that Eleven will air this as it might turn a commercial TV audience (who might not have even heard of Wilfred before) onto the Australian version, thus spiking DVD sales.

    Was SBS even interested in the US version?

    I can’t believe Daivd Mott was about to bring up that dog’s breakfast, TEN’s short-lived Mark & Sharon, like he’s proud; “We are also delighted to have Jason Gann back on the Network.”

  5. Wilfred was hilarious when I watched it on SBS – I hope this will be as funny!

    The ysaid that it was going to be a new incarnation of the show – I just hope it lives up to the teasers….

    @Jerome – if this isn’t aimed at 13-29 year olds, who is it for? My friends and I are in and around that demo and are looking forward to it – kardashians, really???Please don’t think that everyone under 30 likes ‘reality’ TV

  6. @ Jerome

    If you’re well into your 20s and still watching shows of that calibre, you’ve got some serious self-evaluation to undertake. Vapid pop-culture is for teens and those yet to enter the workforce.

  7. really? they think it is a show for a show for 13-29yos? doesnt seem that way to me at all. if eleven want shows for teenagers and people in their 20’s they need to get shows like kardashians, jersey shore and teen mom, not showtime dramas ans Wilfred.

  8. Well I think it’s a good idea that it’s on Eleven and not SBS. If it’s a remake of it, why not put in on a different network. Those who watched the original on SBS might not even want to watch it. And if it’s a remake, some parts would seem repetitive for those who are fans of the original.

  9. I have my doubts that the US version will be as good as the original, as they have a way of stuffing things up. But i will definitely give it a go because i loved the original.

    Also a pity it’s not on SBS, even though they have adds they don’t have so many as the other commercial stations.

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