[V] goes gaga for Gaga

Forbes magazine reckons Lady Gaga has now knocked off Oprah Winfrey from her perch as the world’s most powerful celebrity, a pretty staggering achievement by the 25 year old. Still, Justin Bieber lands in at 3rd place.

But if you are gaga over Gaga then Channel [V] has more for you with 24 hours of her music this Saturday, including the doco Lady Gaga: One Sequin At A Time.

A dance-pop diva, singer/songwriter and cultural icon, Lady Gaga is the most controversial and talked about woman in entertainment today. As we eagerly await the release of her new album, Born This Way, Channel [V] is paying homage to the queen of flamboyance on Saturday 21 May with GAGGING FOR GAGA – 24 hours dedicated to the music of Lady Gaga.

GAGGING FOR GAGA will be stuffed with loads of Gaga-licious goodness including Pop Profiles: Lady Gaga, a 30min documentary that charts the career of the chameleonic star; Channel YOU, where YOU get to choose which Lady Gaga videos we play by voting via SMS or online at vmusic.com.au; London Live: Lady Gaga, a killer concert filmed in the UK; plus videos and interviews galore from this pop phenomenon.

This massive programming event also includes the Australian TV Premiere of Lady Gaga: One Sequin At A Time. In a unique and uncensored look at Lady Gaga and her music, this one hour documentary traces the behind-the-scenes story of her meteoric rise to fame, from growing up in New York, through her struggles to get her big break, to the peak of her worldwide success. Compelling and revealing, this is the real Lady Gaga like you’ve never known her before.

Join Channel [V] on Saturday 21 May as we go GAGGING FOR GAGA for a whopping 24 hours.

It all begins 12:00am Saturday on [V].


  1. I imagine it’ll be sort of like the Rihanna day, where the content repeats after 5hrs or whatever.

    She has a fair amount of music videos…
    – Just Dance
    – Poker Face
    – Beautiful Dirty Rich
    – Eh Eh
    – LoveGame
    – Paparazzi
    – Bad Romance
    – Telephone
    – Alejandro
    – Born This Way
    – Judas
    – Video Phone
    – Chillin’

    …and some of those music videos go for 6-10min

    + concerts
    + docos
    + interviews
    + behind the scenes

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