111 HITS takes time for Toons

It’s almost like Sophie Lee all over again….

111 HITS has announced a new cartoons host, performer Penny Mitchell, to present classic Warner Bros. cartoons with one Dickie Knee (John Blackman).

Mitchell has had guest roles in Offspring and Rush and appeared in feature films including The Joe Manifesto and 6 Plots.

Alex Ristevski, 111 HITS Channel Manager said “Toon Time is a lively, fun and entertaining program aimed to appeal to both children and adults alike. It is a combination of punchy, energetic studio segments and classic cartoons. We are thrilled to introduce a vibrant new host in Penny and pleased to have Dickie Knee back where he belongs on your television screens”.

Toon Time will feature classic episodes including; Duck Rabbit Duck, Duck Seasoning, Rabbit Fire, Duck Amuck, Duck Dodgers and 24 ½ Century, Bully For Bugs, What’s Opera Doc, Ali Baba Bunny, Knighty Knight Bugs, Claws For Alarm and many more.

It will air weeknights at 5.30pm on 111 HITS.


  1. Frank Woodford

    Hi i am a very big fan of Looney Tunes but i’m very disapointed with Toon Time at the moment because the program has only been on for a about 6-7 weeks and there has already been a large number of repeated shows there has been millions of Looney tunes cartoons i am sure the show could go for months and months without repeating hole programs

    why is this happening

  2. Oh okay I though it was starting soon, some time in July.

    FYI the printed Austar guide for July has “The Bugs Bunny Show” starting Monday July 4th… this is precisely they reason I’ve stopped it from next month. Even on PayTV there are too many changes in the printed guide than makes them worth having any more, I’d rather save my $3 per month and use the online guides.

    I just wonder why it was pushed back?

  3. Dumb question but I can’t find this anywhere in the EPG or online guides. Is it just 5 minutes filler or a half hour show as right now King of Queens is on at 5:30pm week nights, next week.

  4. i would rather that they show another australian tv series rather than a cartoon which show be on cartoon network to start with they should have got the rights to the sullivans and shown double episodes would have been a good lead into prisoner at 6:30

  5. They used to have Hey Hey Its Saturday Best Of on Fox Classics channel on
    Saturday mornings , this lasted a short time, 2 months I think.

  6. Makes no sense when they should be showing
    Alf. Fresh prince of bel air
    step by step
    family matters
    any sitcom
    would be better than. Cartoons.

    cartoons belong on the cartoon network that’s what it’s there

  7. Don’t like this idea.There are plenty of dedicated kids channels already they just launched a new one .Never saw anyone wanting or requesting this on the 111 hits facebook wall . Were kids complaining that there wasn’t enough programming for them ?? They’ll probably put The Simpsons on next !!
    make the kids pay the Foxtel bill when Toon Time starts !!

  8. I’ve seen the ads for a while and I agree, hope this isn’t at the expense of other shows. Murphy Brown ended a few weeks back with 2 seasons left to air (9&10) which are now thankfully on 7TWO week days.

  9. Not sure how I feel about Toons on 111 I just hope we don’t lose some great sitcoms and it stays at 530 weekdays nothing worse than old cartoons used as filler

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