Airdate: Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey

Judith Lucy’s new series Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey kicks off on ABC1 next month, replacing Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable.

She explores a mix of sex, sacrament and bad habits. Literally.

“Will I find answers or just disappear up my own a*se?” she asks.

 It begins July 27 at 9.30pm on ABC1.



  1. I am really looking forward to this. Judith Lucy is one of my favourite comediennes. God knows we need to keep a sense of humour (excuse the reference), and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to do the Spiritual Journey with humour than Judith Lucy being ex-Santa Maria girl and all.

  2. After the absolute dissapointment of Leungs shows, which only riduculed others…as per usual, I’m looking forward to seeing what Judith has in store. But judging by the look on her face and some of the comedy sketches you can see throughout the above video, I’m afraid it may be similar to Leungs. I will still watch and see if I’ll be proved wrong.

  3. our tax dollars at work to attack and belittle every religion except Islam.

    gutless, unimaginative, unfunny and as wasteful as Film Victoria’s recent 45,000 dollar snouts-in-the trough dinner party.

  4. Looking forward to this too but hopefully it will cover different ground to John Safran Vs God. They seem like quite similar programs but I’d watch Judith read the phone book

  5. I have never thought much of the ABC but have to hand it to them. If it wasn’t for the ABC i believe alot of content staring Australians would never make it to air.

    Can’t wait to see this

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