Bumped: Fringe, Spartacus, Nikita.

GO! moves a number of US dramas to make way for movie repeats.

This Wednesday Fringe moves to 9:30pm on GO! and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena to 10:30pm. Both are season finals.

GO! will play a movie, Dennis the Menace at 7:30pm which results in the shift.

Meanwhile Nikita is headed to 11:45pm Thursday after Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle plays at 9:30pm.

Last month GO! also moved The Vampire Diaries angering many fans of the show.

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  1. my question is, when is fringe coming back- and can we trust Go to let us fans (its an awesome series- the most origonal in years and years!!) know, and will it be at the same time slot???

  2. Well they played Fringe when they said they would. Also it was great! I hope it rates well for Fringe but I guess we’ll see. Because it mightn’t. I hope they continue with Season 3 when they finish Season 2 repeats. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  3. What sort of lead-in is Dennis the Menace for both those shows

    All people at 9 are nuts. I could make a better programming director than whoever is doing it for the Nine networks.

    I watch little more GO than 9 but both get little to no viewing except for the football.

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