Ellen wants Oprah’s audience

Ellen DeGeneres recently made farewell tribute to Oprah Winfrey, but in her inimitable style there’s another message for Oprah’s viewers….



  1. @ bobby, totally agree. Oprah’s shows can be quite deep, Ellen is more of the celebrity-driven type show – all style no substance. The reason Oprah was/is so popular was based on more than giving away free stuff!

  2. I’m insulted by the notion that Ellen could ever be worthy enough to replace Oprah. Ellen treats her audience like morons, Oprah didn’t.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    That was pretty good an honest yet light hearted attempted to take Oprahs audience away from her. I think the executives at OWN will be praying that the oprah audience dont switch over to Ellen because she is on a rival network. Unless they put Ellen’s show on OWN then it will be fine.

  4. Good on her.I sometimes find myself watching Ellen by default at the gym doing my workouts If there after 12pm.She’s the only other talk show I would consider watching.Your Circle and Morning Show and Kerrie Anne don’t even compare.

  5. Ellen will surely be the next Oprah, okay maybe no one will replace Oprah but with the amount of giveaways Ellen has been doing lately (including cars) she is well on her way.

  6. wow the fan they used to make J-Lo’s hair move like that almost worked…until they had wind noise in Ellens mic….. the question is …was the fan a gag…or was it a requirement for J-Lo……

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