1. The fact that Downton Abbey has, pretty much, kept most of its’ viewers speaks volumes about the show.

    It was a risk for Channel 7 – they took it, gave it a chance and man, has it paid off or what? 😉

    It could have easily dropped massively in its’ ratings.

    In Their Footsteps is still doing okay. It’s a shame that it doesn’t get higher ratings, as it’s a wonderful show to watch. But then, so is Merlin. Is why I record one, watch the other!

    What are the figures for recording of the two, David? They started putting those out didn’t they?

    • Jezza: Looking like Great Migrations will replace DA. Maybe X Factor auditions for DWTS.
      Kaylen: Timeshifted figures are delivered a week later. The biggest lifts have usually been for dramas after 9:30pm.

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