Ready, Steady, Cook fans already miss Peter Everett

Some TEN viewers got a bit of a shock yesterday when new episodes of Ready, Steady, Cook aired, but without host Peter Everett.

Some TEN viewers got a bit of a shock yesterday when fresh episodes of Ready, Steady, Cook with new host Colin Lane hit the screens.

Maybe they hadn’t heard he was replacing Peter Everett.

A wave of comments hit TV Tonight yesterday afternoon, almost all of which were upset that Everett would no longer be appearing on the popular show.

Many of them let fly at TEN:

Liz: Sorry to see you go Pete, loved the show because you were in it. Not the same without you, always looked forward to your happy, genuine self. Channel 10… not happy!

Penny: Very shocked that Peter would not be hosting anymore, my 14 month old daughter loved ready steady cook, once it came on today and she didn’t see Peter on the screen she was not interested anymore and turned away. Peter was the show, and its boring now!

Lynette: I love Peter & the show but without Peter I am not interested in watching anymore, he made the show. So sad. Good luck Peter for your future.

Beatrice Timmis: i love ready steady cook but peter everett was the show i watched it every day i loved it from the moment it started till it finished sorry but i will not watch it any more even for the reciepes i will continue to buy the book why do you do things like that i dont know

Lorraine Usher: Cannot believe that channel 10 has parted ways with Peter Everett, lost a viewer with this household….

Sacha Haddad: OMG he will bemissed i definetly won’t be watching the show anymore. He was so easy going and funny.

Kay Warrop: After watching the first edition of Ready Steady Cook with new hoast I was very dissapointed as Peter Everett really made the show so now you have not only lost a veiwer for this show but for other shows as well. Hope he comes back with another channel.

Belinda Smith: Bring back Pete! The show sucks without him.

Sharon n: Bring back Peter Everett. I like Colin lane but the show is not the same not sure if I will continue to watch.

Liz Whitton: I for one will no longer watch RSC. The new host has no personality what a dead pan
Bring Back Peter Everett he was the life of that show. Channel ten you are gone gone gone.

Hilary Bell: Oh, no, only 20 minutes into the new show and Colin Lane looks like a duck out of water. He spends more time looking at the camera than at what is being cooked. Please bring back Peter Everett – a delightful man who drove the chefs crazy on occasions but had a delightful personality with lots of hugs (and self deprecation so often) but he was really interested in what was going on and added so much fun to the show.

But some were glad to see him replaced with Lane:

Sharon: My husband and I both agree that peter Everett was so inappropriate with contestants and chefs alike, we are glad he is gone and hope that the series keeps going with the new host as we do like the show.

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  1. Sitting here watching RSC and I’m really astounded by the choice to have Colin host the show. I used to watch the show occasionally- not just for the cooking, but for the witty banter between guests, chefs and Pete. The show needs a host that is cheeky, funny and entertaining to make it interesting. Colin unfortunately does not posses the dynamic personality needed to make the show work. I just can’t watch it anymore without falling asleep….
    Channel 10 needs to seriously re-think the change.

  2. Well, I don’t have to make sure I get home by 2.00pm each weekday now. Pete’s not there on Ready Steady Cook so the show’s just another boring daytime show. Pete made the show and was very entertaining. I was waiting for him to come back from holidays as the show had gone downhill during his absence, so I didn’t watch it. Guess it’s going to stay downhill. As the old saying goes “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. That was the only daytime show on Channel 10 that I watched. It was the most entertaining and fun-filled show. I hope another Channel snaps him up fast as I want to see him again.

  3. Had my 2nd look at this show today since the sacking of Peter Everett…. who is this smart alec, Colin Lane….. thinks he is so smart…but oh he’s so wrong …Can someone please tell him to stop pointing his finger at the camera….When you replace this “non-identity” I might have another look at the show… but until then…No way.

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