Colin Lane new host of Ready Steady Cook

First it's The Circle, now comedian Colin Lane expands his presenting portfolio replacing Peter Everett on Ready Steady Cook.

Colin Lane has been announced as the new host of TEN’s Ready Steady Cook series.

The longtime comedy partner of Frank Woodley has most recently been a guest co-host on The Circle, filling in for Gorgi Coghlan who is on maternity leave.

“Having accepted the role of host I have only just realised that my job now involves eating incredible food every day” says Lane.

“I am very excited at the prospect of enjoying and learning about food and I’m looking forward to working with so many wonderful chefs and guests. This could be the best job in the world. Or, this could be the greatest increase in weight ever seen on TV. My 2011 television career might start with The Circle, lead into Ready Steady Cook and end with The Biggest Loser.”

Virginia Hodgson, executive producer, Southern Star Entertainment added, “Having Colin at the helm of Ready Steady Cook promises lots of fun and a bit of craziness in the kitchen along with great cooking and tips from Australia’s best chefs.”

Former host Peter Everett hosted Ready Steady Cook for five years, including landing a Logie nomination for the show -a rarity for a daytime series.

A TEN Spokesperson recently told TV Tonight the departure of Everett was a mutual decision, but another media report later noted the first he had heard of it was after learning of auditions behind the scenes.

Maria Michael, Executive Producer of Entertainment at TEN today said in a statement, “We wish Peter the best of luck with all his new adventures; he has been a great host over the years and has brought many new fans to the show. Colin is a wonderful addition to the Ready Steady Cook team, bringing a style and lightness to the show that is perfect for the year ahead.”

Lane begins filming in April and his first episode will air in mid-June.

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  1. Please oh please remove this Lane person, he is the most unfunny man I have ever had to watch, he had a go at Jamie Oliver saying he does not always look at the camera, have to say Lane looks at it all the B****y time, his volcabulary is very limited count the number of times the he, apart from “lovely stuff” says “Beautiful “

  2. Colin Lane is so great on the show.

    I could not Stand watching Peter Everett – to the point of even being so irritated with the show’s theme song that I had to turn the channel to get away from it!!

    Now my wife and I love it. Colin is a breath of fresh air on the show. It’s great viewing while we have a little lunch break.

    Keep Colin on!! He’s great!

  3. Like others I miss Peter. He was silly but kind, funny always trying to learn. Colin is boring always looking towards the monitors. I know the Chef’s have to work with him so good on them, I do watch the show but sometimes turn it off. Great Chefs and awesome food they produce.

  4. I am not daytime viewer but at 2pm I would turn on my TV and I have watched RSC for many years, – prior Peter E. When Colin Lane started I watched the first week and that was all I could take, I enjoy the Chefs and the cooking but Colin, he has ruined the show. I tuned in again last week to have another try. Chanel Ten you have lost me. Peter was enjoable to watch, he was light, funny entertaining and most of all he gave a natural human side to television. If it was Peter’s choice to leave so be it. But, Colin is not his replacement.

  5. When r we getting Peter back ??? enough is enough! !!! I don’t watch RSC at all anymore because he is not the host anymore n the program is after Peter is gone so boring. I want my show back!!!!!!!

  6. When I was working I used to tape RSC everyday and watch it as I cooked the evening meal, now this year I have retired and am able to watch at 2pm I have stopped watching as I really miss Pete Everett the show is not the same. I can’t believe that Colin Lane calls himself a comedian as I don’t find him funny at all and nearly everytime before he speaks he starts with “aaaah”(so annoying). Please please bring back Pete, I love the repore he has with the chiefs as well.

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