Returning: Time Team

On the back of Tony Robinson’s local series for Pay TV,  next weekABC1 will air new episodes of Time Team visiting more ancient sites around the UK, over five consecutive nights.

Episodes 1,2,3,4 and 7 have already aired.

Episode Five the team travel to the picturesque remains of Hopton Castle in Shropshire to investigate a bloody series of battles at the height of the English Civil War.also the site of Britain’s largest ever coin hoard.

Episode Six Time Team journey to the heart of Wiltshire for their most ambitious project to date to investigate an entire lost Roman settlement. Hidden under acres of wheat, Cunetio would once have been a bustling market town and intriguingly it’s

Episode Eight the team travel to a possible site of the Anglo Saxon Burh from which Burford took its name and just how much of the medieval hospital still exists in the walls and the grounds of the Priory?

Episode Nine The Royal Garrison Church is all that remains of the Domus Dei, the medieval pilgrim hospital that once stood on the site of Governors Green in Portsmouth. Probably built in 1212, it was well placed to receive poor travellers en route to overseas pilgrimage sites, and also those arriving on the south coast to visit popular shrines in England.

Episode Ten The hardy bunch of archaeologists headed by Tony Robinson, embarks on one of their strangest investigations ever. They’ve been invited to Norman Cross in rural Cambridgeshire to unearth the remains of the world’s first prisoner of war camp a huge complex built by the British in 1797 to incarcerate 7000 Napoleonic soldiers and sailors.

Time Team returns 6pm Monday – Friday on ABC1.


  1. Too bad they can’t put it on Saturday or Tuesday (when there is no Book show ) at 9.30pm. I watch the news at 6-7.30pm if I’m watching the TV. Except sometimes for Doctor Who. I’ll admit I like that they play it during the afternoons. I love the show and I think Ch 73 showed there were people interested in science programmes on Saturday. Too bad they got rid of them with the not so good Unsolved Mysteries. I just wish someone would put them on instead. If someone did I’d watch.

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