Sorry Chris Lilley, Stephen Fry is back.

Earlier this week ABC1 did bumped Qi to ABC2 and replayed Angry Boys, after it had been toppled by the State of Origin.

That didn’t work too well, although its lead in show The Young Ones was beaten by Go Back To Where You Came From.

It was planning to do so again at 9:25pm on July 12th (after the next State of Origin), but now ABC1 has restored its universe and put a new Qi back into the schedule.

This ‘E’ themed episode is all about endings. QI master Stephen Fry is joined by panellists Jimmy Carr, Dara O’Briain, Doon Mackichan and Alan Davies.

Angry Boys remains in premiere eps on Wednesdays and replayed on ABC2 on Tuesdays.


  1. It’s a pitifully small victory for devotees, but a victory nonetheless.
    After all, some of us just want our routine left well alone, thank you.
    With all the problems FTA TV has with declining numbers you’d think the concept of ‘not fixing something if it’s not broken’ would be a more common virtue.

    [email protected] Squirrel – that was a good line, lol

  2. I assumed they only did that because some viewers would have missed out last week because of origin. Did not think it was planned to be permanent.

  3. Actually the later starting time was a blessing… I have too many other shows to record at 9:25 now and having QI on later worked around this rather elegantly. It shouldn’t leave ABC1 though, especially not for that other trash.

    Oh and to IQ users, get a TMS Topfield with the Autsched TAP, it finds channel changes as well as schedule changes… 😉

  4. It certainly didn’t work out too well for me!
    I have the Tuesday night repeat on ABC2 in my IQ schedule, and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t recorded last week.
    So I ended up missing that episode.
    Foxtel can cope with adjusting the starting times of programs, but not random channel changes!
    OK, I know I can go to iview to see it but I hate watching TV on my computer so probably won’t.
    Is the ABC trying to alienate its viewers like the other FTA networks do?

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