Southern Star boss: “I fired Peter Everett.”

Southern Star Productions have responded to yesterday’s interview with former host of Ready Steady Cook, Peter Everett.

Chief Executive Officer Rory Callaghan said,  “I took the decision to move on in consultation with the network. I think we’d reached a point where we all needed to move on.”

Yesterday Everett told TV Tonight he was disappointed he was no longer fronting the show, and was told in a phone call just before he was heading overseas.

Ready Steady Cook is now hosted by Colin Lane, the show’s third host since 2005 but many viewers have expressed their support for Everett saying his personality defined the show.


  1. i love pete everett and his inate ability to be inappropriate without even realizing it, contrastingly occasionally making a racy quip on porpuse..
    he always managed to swiftly diffuse any harsh feelings with his outlandish laugh and switching gears to being self-depricating.
    his interactions were seamless and unforced.
    the crowd was always on his side.

    he is the shows best host.

    the new guy is such a dill.
    woodley was the funny one..
    time to switch lanes channel 10.

  2. Susan Reynolds

    With all due respect, Mr Callaghan, what calibre of executive sacks a long term employee over the phone? Were you home sick on that day your management class was taught how to successfully -er- manage? You most definitely must have been wagging school on the day the class was taught how to maintain a successful personal profile. For your poor display on all these managerial levels you have cost the company that employs you public respect , public trust, and indeed in the case of Ready Steady Cook, your viewing public. Nice work. You have severely underestimated the power of one of the people supplying your own bread and butter. Most of Australia’s daytime viewing public hope you receive a phone call while on holidays.

  3. It seems the CEO was gutless when he phoned peter and told him the was sacked for the show without meeting him face to face to him that he was sacked

  4. Turned on the TV to watch ready steady cook and saw this new guy his personality is dead like the show will be soon. Peter was an icon he was so funny and fresh i only switch on now at nearly 3pm to watch judge judy. Even my son asked what happened as he said that other guy was a legend.

  5. Pete Everett was the vital ingredient in the mix. No wonder it’s lost so much appeal to the audience. Why on earth would you muck around with such a winning formula. The show is bland now and I’m sure this will be reflected in the ratings.

  6. It is a boring show and only Peter could inject life into it day after day after day, he is very good at his job. What a winge about production being hard with him you don’t get that sort of talent easily just deal with, wheres your metal? maybe you have passed your used by date and time for you to move on.

    Rory Callaghan one of Australia’s most creative production executives ha-ha my behind. The end is closing in now for the show R.I.P RSC.

  7. Big mistake!!!! What a foolish thing to do! Peter Everett was RSC!! The actual show is quite boring and with Peter gone is now Very boring! Bring Peter back or suffer in the ratings….not nuclear science!!

  8. I was shocked to find Peter Everett was no longer at the helm of RSC. I find Colin Lane irritating and uncomfortable in the role and that makes for an anxious show. It is no longer a relaxing show to watch so I have changed channels. When Peter comes back I will return to Channel 10.

  9. Fay Robinson

    Colin Lane seems lost in this show very wishy washy bring back Peter Everett, I now watch Dr Oz then the old favourite Judge Judy.

  10. Channel 10 must be blind to think that it was the shows format that got them logie nominations. Peter was the show, and if you really look at the shows format it’s actually quite boring, but he made it enjoyable to watch. Don’t know how long it’ll last now.

  11. Angelina Vo

    My mum doesn’t speak much English and even she knows that Peter was a better host than Colin. Our afternoons have definitely been altered. Peter brightened everybody’s afternoon with his cheery and cheeky demeanor. I believe that the producers of Ready Steady Cook have made an epic mistake and the show will lose many long time and dedicated viewers.

  12. Rory Callaghan ,you guys have made a very upsetting and stupid decision,Peter Everett made the show.He was the main reason I watched the show.You are going to lose so many viewers!!!!! I won’t be watching,even though I love Colin,it’s just not the same.What a shame,it was one of my favourite shows.

  13. If Mr Callahan of Southern Star was so dissatisfied with Peter’s performance on RSC and keen to have him replaced with someone better, then why does is still say this on the Southern Star website? (

    ‘After being nominated for a Logie in 2009 for ‘Best Lifestyle Program’, Network Ten’s flagship daytime program, Ready Steady Cook is still Australia’s No. 1 brand funded program that maintains entertainment value and elegant product integration.
    Hosted by Peter Everett who has a passion for food and a passion for life, Ready Steady Cook is now in its fifth consecutive series (650 episodes to date). Reaching over 1.2 million people (metro only) per week, Ready Steady Cook continues to win its 2pm timeslot. In 2009, 130 original episodes were produced by Southern Star and are airing nationally on Network Ten every week day.’

  14. I will not watch the new show any longer I have tried but boring! Colin is not the right personality for this show,Pete is a hard act to follow!

  15. You end up being sorry 10 wait and see your ratings drop on ready steady cook! Pete I hope another network picks you up at same time as RSC so they axe your old show that would be Karma 10.

  16. About time he was replaced! I found him insufferable!

    I was always baffled as to what this guy was actually doing, p*ssfarting around on the show…I don’t think even He knew what he was doing lol. Maybe that was part of the ‘comedy’ (although I didn’t even find him funny, he just seemed confused).

  17. My sister and I were so cut to see that Peter Everett was gone from the show.
    We both thought that he was a great host and put in a bit of humour.
    Colin Lane is okay though the show’s not the same without Pete.
    Won’t be worried if we miss Ready Steady Cook, not unless you
    bring Pete back!

  18. Colin Lane obviously knows nothing about food – but going by his really inane non sequitur responses, he doesn’t connect with the chefs either. RSC has become a show of “mutual embarrassment”, stilted & ugly,

  19. Anne Briggs

    Poor Pete, you do a dam good job and look how you`re treated. The show will never be the same. I, for one will not be watching in the future.

  20. The new host is ‘dry’- like toast without butter – little interaction

    Peter was out there and fun

    Not watching the show nooooo more – booo hooo

  21. Peter made the show – 30% cooking, 70% fantastic humour. Sorry, Colin but you’re not in the same league. Week days at 2pm is a bitch now!!

  22. Move on…. I think it’s time for you to move on Rory!!! What a huge mistake, the show will never be the same without Peter!!! At least we can see in his interview, he is honest and open. Then there’s your response which gives us nothing, other than you being a blunt prick!! Lets hope Peter gets the pay rise and respect he deserves hosting another show! I will not continue to watch ready steady cook, especially with Colin Lane hosting… he sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I will not be watching Ready Steady Cook now that Pete Everett has gone. I watched about ten minutes of the new guy, never again.

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