Tangle begins shooting third season

Tangle begins filming its third season on Monday.

Returning to the cast are Justine Clarke (Ally), Catherine McClements (Christine) and Kat Stewart (Nat), along with Matt Day (Gabriel), Lincoln Younes (Romeo), Blake Davis (Max), Eva Lazarro (Gigi), Joel Tobeck (Tim), Kick Gurry (Joe), Jane Allsop (Tanya), Lucia Emmerichs (Ophelia) and Georgia Flood (Charlotte).

Season Three will pull apart and look at just how the generations separate from one another and how the ties of family are stretched.

To be written by Fiona Seres and Tony McNamara, it will be directed by Emma Freeman (Love My Way, Hawke, Offspring) and Michael James Rowland (Spirited, Lucky Miles) and produced by Imogen Banks and John Edwards.

Peter Rose, CEO of Showtime Australia said, “After the immense success of Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet, we are thrilled to continue our commitment of commissioning world-class Australian drama.


  1. Thanks David! I can’t wait for season 3. Any idea how many episodes it will be, and when we’re likely to see it on air?

    Great to hear Lincoln Younes will be back. I thought his role in Home And Away might interfere with the shoot.

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