Wimbledon live across Australia

From Monday June 20, Seven will broadcast Wimbledon 2011, live throughout Australia on 7TWO.

During the first week the live broadcast kicks off at 9pm (AEST) on 7TWO (7pm WST), and from 10pm on 7TWO during the second week.

Coverage will then continue on Seven from 11pm local time each night.

It marks a significant change from the late night broadcasts that have been traditionally offered by Nine, and a point of difference from primetime Australian Open matches on Seven.

All singles and doubles finals, as well as the singles’ semi-finals, will be live on Seven, and on 7TWO in some states.

The broadcast will be hosted by Todd Woodbridge with expert commentary from John Newcombe on the 40th anniversary of his third and final singles’ victory at the All England Club. The team also includes Rennae Stubbs and Sam Smith.

In addition, Seven will be taking commentary from a clutch of the biggest names in tennis via the host broadcaster BBC, among them John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Lindsay Davenport and Tim Henman.

Wimbledon 2011 marks the first time the Seven Network has broadcast this iconic British event. But as host broadcaster of The Australian Open for almost 40 years the network brings a wealth of experience and expertise in covering the game of tennis.

Viewers will enjoy the best two matches of each day’s play, exclusively live, while remaining plugged into all the action and colour around the grounds.

Seven’s Head of Sport, Saul Shtein, commented:

“This is an historic moment for Seven.

“As the home of The Australian Open, the AFL, V8 Supercars and the Melbourne Cup we have long been the premier sports broadcaster in Australian television. And now we can welcome Wimbledon to the mix, the Holy Grail of tennis.

“Having secured the first selection of the best two matches each day, viewers on Seven will enjoy the pick of the tennis crop. And best of all we can guarantee it will be live on either 7TWO or Channel 7 and it won’t cost them a cent.”

Host Todd Woodbridge said: “I can’t wait to give the viewers at home an intricate perspective of the Championships.

“Our commentary team has so much experience and success at the Championships; that inner knowledge of the pressures, traditions and expertise of playing on grass will make great viewing.”

In the lead-up to the tournament Channel 7 will also be airing:

• The Spirit of Wimbledon (11am Sunday June 5, 12, 19, 26 on 7TWO) – a four-part series that tells the compelling story of the oldest tournament in tennis. In 2011 Wimbledon celebrates its 125th anniversary and to commemorate the landmark occasion, this documentary series will look back at the history of the Championships.

• The Wimbledon Film (10am, Sunday June 19 on 7TWO) – a documentary on the definitive story of the 124th Championships in 2010.

• A 2011 Wimbledon Preview (11.30am Sunday June 19 on 7TWO) outlining the form of this year’s players.


  1. It’s an improvment, however it’s really not that great. We’ll still be told by the network which match we should see. Watching the seeds around the clock is not what I want … I want to choose the match I’m going to watch. Until we get a proper service like espn360 in this country, I’ll keep subscribing to “Wimbledon Live”. It’s great! Last year, I could chose from up to 6 courts from memory – and I’d occasionaly have two matches screening at once – one on the big TV, and one on the PC.

    From the FAQ on Wimbledon.com:

    “How do I watch live video from Wimbledon online?

    Wimbledon.com will be offering live online streaming of matches from The Championships through Wimbledon Live. In addition, selected broadcast partners are offering live coverage in their respective territories.”

  2. @ Mick FOX still have their own coverage and it’s on for 24 hours a day on FS3. Seems as if Alicia Molik will be part of their team judging by the adverts they’re showing.

  3. I am in regional WA & get tv via satellite.

    i get GWN but no 7TWO so no Wimbledon for me until 11pm it seems.

    If only Mr Conroy would give it back to Fox Sports who had great French Open coverage

  4. Thank you Seven. I love my Tennis, and always looked forward to 9’s Wimbledon fortnight. I thought 9 did a great job with Wimbledon, until I discovered some of their “Live” matches were not so Live. On a sidenote, watching the French Open on FOX I thought the host broadcasters feed was shocking- too many sweeping camera shots and missing the players serves many times or showing a silly angle of it. Sevens actual camerwork and coverage of the Australian Open is world class, as is the BBC’s.

  5. Nice one 7,
    would prefer in HD and can you get Lleyton Hewitt to commentate, when he has time of course, he was excellent on the mike at the aus open. now just the French and the US to go and you will have all the stations on the Monopoly board

  6. Des, Winmalee

    How about naking it compulsory that Loud grunts , screams etc. (eg. what one gets from Sharipova) be made illegal and the player making the horrible noises is banned.

  7. @BJC: There is -100% it will be in 3D. Remember we are only just getting it live on FTA as of this year! We are so far behind other countries it’s just not funny

  8. @LF: Yes, please do it for French Open and US Open too! Tennis is well loved in Australia and it will be awesome if we can have all 4 GS in FTA!

  9. @ thesportsfreak: I believe GWN / Prime will be transmitting 7Two for regional WA soon. They’re putting the infrastructure in now, including employing more staff to manage it.

  10. Dylan Milton

    Fantastic job by Seven. i have heard a rumor they are going for rights to the U.S Open. and are reading there bid for the 2014 and 2016 Olympics. Seven are treating Viewers with respect. This year alone Seven has Not axed one program on its main channel and this is paying off as it is getting a huge market share. Nine needs to get its act together and sort out its schedule. if there 2012 Olympic coverage is anything like 2010 we i wont be watching and will get foxtel.

  11. Just wanted to confirm 2 things? and i need reliable sources..the previous contract for Wimbledon was 9/fox, will this new contract be shared between 7 and fox sports or will the only coverage we get be exclusively with 7…Secondly, will 7 broadcast 2 different matches across 7 and 7two or just one match similcast between the 2 channels in order to cover the black hole in the timezones , i suspect the latter as the former would be too good to be true? ultimately, i want to know how many different matches can we flick between at once?

  12. Thank you so much Channel 7 Network for your upcoming broadcast of Wimbledon. Here at “Alsamoor Woods”, the gang just can’t wait.

  13. Still no digital channels (except channel 11) in regional SA either and won’t be for some time. Oh well, still have good ol FOX Sports and a 24 hour coverage on FOX Sports 3 so long live subscription television.

  14. Thankyou 7. Whats the bet with nines luck lately that 7 get higher ratings than 9 did when they showed wimbledon.

    I loved when Wimbledon comes around and staying up to watch it.

    Im just thankful 7 took it up.

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