ABC commissions At Home with Julia sitcom

This will either be must-see TV or an embarrassment…..

ABC1 has commissioned a sitcom about the PM and her partner in The Lodge, At Home with Julia.

The show features Amanda Bishop as Julia Gillard, a role she previously performed in Seven’s sketch series Double Take and the very clever Phil Lloyd, from Review with Myles Barlow, as Tim Mathieson.

ABC1 has commissioned four half-hour episodes described as “part rom-com, part guaranteed lawsuit” to be executive produced by Rick Kalowski (Comedy Inc, Double Take).

According to an ABC Press Release, the show is “like any relationship. Who walks the dog? Who puts the bins out? Who sends the troops to Afghanistan?”

“They’re just like any other busy modern couple,” said Kalowski. “Trying to balance their relationship with critical tasks like introducing taxes no-one voted for.”

The team also promises to respect some boundaries. Sort of.

“As writers, we agreed the First Couple’s bedroom was off-limits,” said Bishop. “That’s why we put all the sex scenes in Julia’s office”.

Co-star Phil Lloyd said the show will also bust many myths about the real couple.

“A lot of people think Tim just hangs ‘round The Lodge all day doing nothing,” said “Not true. Sometimes he pops down the shops or goes for a bit of a drive.”

Director Erin White (Rush, Dugong) added, “There’s a Malaysian detention centre she keeps asking us to stay at, which is really nice.”

ABC Head of Comedy Debbie Lee said cheekily, “We’ve long been concerned about generous Government funding for the ABC. Hopefully At Home With Julia will put a stop to that.”

At Home With Julia is a Quail Television production for ABC1. ABC Executive Producer is Debbie Lee. Quail TV Executive Producers are Rick Kalowski and Greg Quail. The series is written by Amanda Bishop, Rick Kalowski and Phil Lloyd. Director is Erin White. Series Producer is Carol Hughes. Surveillance is by ASIO.

The show will air later this year.


  1. So the glass house gets canceled for making fun of Howards power walks but making an entire show around making fun of the current PM and her husband is fine and dandy?

  2. Hard to see this getting much traction. It’s a one trick pony joke that will hardly endear Labor supporters and most likely turn off Libs who’ve had a gutful of the real thing.

  3. This sounds fantastic. People in public office and government institutions who perform poorly deserve a good lampooning! ( and Katrina it is not because she is a woman).
    This is in the spirit of the rebellious Australian. I hope they manage to pull it off.

  4. Just going out on a limb here – but maybe we should all give it a view before deciding if it’s sexist, biased, etc etc.

    In today’s press it’s been described as both a left wing conspiracy, and a right wing one.

    Suggests it will offend all equally. The people involved look pretty good to me: Bishop is great as Gillard, Phil Lloyd is hilarious, and I was a big Comedy Inc Late Shift fan.

  5. Katrina Dukats

    This is the most apalling idea i have ever heard.

    This show proposes to hold up our present Head of Government to ridicule.

    Privacy concerns anyone?

    The ABC should be ashamed of itself.

    Is it because the present Prime Minister is a woman – an easy target?

    Shame ABC, shame.

  6. Another nail in the coffin of the most unpopular PM courtesy of the ABC. While there are many who think she is already a national joke, this will serve to confirm it. I laugh at those who actually think this will help her popularity – being made fun of usually works the other way.

  7. This should be good.I am not sure about the rest of you but did anyone else see Today’s Newspapers in Adelaide featuring the page on Julia and No Carbon Tax.They had Pinocchio disguised as Her and with the nose growing so long for every lie told.Golden Moment.

  8. David,this sounds like must see TV to watch for me,can’t wait!
    @Troy,you’re right, i too would also like to see a ‘at home with Tony’ i am sure the ABC could come up with something.

  9. Moanique in Brisbane

    This would be good except for Amanda Bishop’s involvement. Her impression of Julia in Double Take was a very poor attempt.

  10. Troy Garnhold

    “In order to keep political balance, will there be an “At Home With Tony”. If not, let’s see how long before the squeals of “left wing bias” start.”

    The idea also has merit, but who would play Abbott ? Any suggestions are welcome.

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