Airdate: Top Design

Nine's next reality series, Top Design, begins Wednesday week.

Nine’s next reality series, Top Design hosted by Jamie Durie begins Wednesday July 13th at 8.00pm. The series is based on a US format.

The show will follow a one hour episode of The Block and run for 75 minutes. Next week Nine has three one hour episodes of The Block: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Together with Hot Property on Thursday nights, Nine is surely loving the property and design genre.

Australia’s guru of lifestyle television, Jamie Durie, returns home to Channel Nine, hosting a massive new series Top Design. Jamie will take viewers on a journey, searching the country to find people from all walks of life who are passionate about design and renovation. Over several weeks our contestants will face a series of elimination challengers to create visual masterpieces in this exciting new makeover show. The series winner will win a major cash prize.

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  1. The worst ad ever
    I auditioned and got into last round..final 20
    Think I might be glad I missed out!!!
    The us version 2nd series was brilliant
    Fingers crossed this one has a high calibre of designers ,,,

  2. The BravoTV original of this show (2 series) was great. It had design royalty as judges – Margaret Russell (editor Elle Decor mag), Kelly Wearstler and India Hicks (interior designers of high calibre) and Jonathon Adler – design god. As well as Todd Oldham as the host. The contestants accessed high end design pieces for their designs. The very presence of Jamie Durie as host suggests to me this is not going to be as good. I will
    watch Wednesday and hope to be wrong but if there is a sponsorship deal with Freedom, Harvey Norman or another midrange mass produces furniture chain the dumbing down will be complete.

  3. …and you start to think that both Seven & Nine feel threatened by Channel 10’s big reality TV shows.

    Seven went on Cooking Show Overkill in February-April (My Kitchen Rules, Conviction Kitchen, Heston’s Mission Impossible) prior to Masterchef starting.

    Now Channel Nine is doing the same with”Renovating” Show overkill with The Block, Top Design & Hot Property all before The Renovators starts.

  4. Why does it have to have extra hour episodes. Ch9 keep consistent Mon & Thurs=1 hr. Tues & Wed 1/2 hour. If you keep mucking about with it, you will annoy viewers (more)!

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