Airdate: World’s Most Extreme Airports, WWII Lost Films: The Air War

A special on Seven next week will push the Amazing Race finale back to 9pm -possibly due to a certain cooking show.

Seven has scheduled to specials next week World’s Most Extreme Airports and WWII Lost Films: The Air War.

Both will air at 7:30pm, on Monday 1st and Thursday 4th, respectively.

The move appears to be to avoid the obvious interest in MasterChef‘s final week.

Playing the 90 minute World’s Most Extreme Airports will push back the 90 minute finale of The Amazing Race Australia to a 9pm start next Monday. In theory Reality fans could watch MasterChef and switch over to TARA, so it’s probably not a bad move.

Teen Wolf begins at 10:30pm.

“World’s Most Extreme Airports”
Most flying fears are for the aircraft, not the safety and design of the  airport. However, in some places around the world, there are historical  design flaws like those in Gibraltar which are now only coming to light.  Airports constructed just fifty years ago may not be sufficient to handle  the demands of modern aircraft. Uncover problems with the world’s most extreme airports and the engineering behind them that make these places unfit for travel.

“WWII Lost Films: The Air War”
Travel with five veterans on some of the most dangerous, deadly and  visually stunning aerial missions of the war. See inside the U.S. Eighth  Air Force as they take to the skies for an unsung story of bravery  and sacrifice. See extraordinary archival footage in colour and high  definition as we bring the historic fight for control of the skies to life, from the devastation of the Blitz in Britain to the final dogfights over  Europe.

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  1. Very irritating. They will of course start late as usual so a 9 pm start for 90 minutes will mean 10.40 pm finish – too late for my kids on a school night. I don’t mind recording and watching the day after but it will be impossible to avoid finding out the winner the next day which sort of takes away the suspense of the whole exercise. I’ve largely given up on channel 9 for these sort of antics and actually make a conscious effort to download programs showing on channel 9 as an alternative to watching on TV – might be time to do the same for 7.

  2. @MarkZ
    No, I don’t think so. That SBS doco was about an airship flight over Europe shortly after WW1 (1914-’18). This one seems to be about WW2 (’39-’45).

  3. meh, makes sense for them, but still they can’t make up any excuse to justify it other than they concede defeat.
    I wonder if any of that footage was part of previuos series Lost films of WW2 that was shown on Seven2 last year?

  4. Is this “WWII Lost Films: The Air War” the same show that was on SBS a few weeks ago. This is where they found old images of an airship flying across Europe in the aftermath of the war?.

  5. I hear that WWII Lost Films: The Air War will not be shown in Adelaide on Thursday August 4. Instead a new episode of Great Migrations (which is held over due to the Crows-Power AFL match on July 31) will be aired in Adelaide on that night.

  6. Seven have done nothing wrong here. They are not rolling over because of Masterchef. Seven still has the Australia’s Got Talent Grand Final, Criminal Minds Season Final, Amazing Race Finale plus with that Renovators show tanking Seven has a chance to do what no network has done before and win every week of the ratings period. It will be interesting to see next week anyway.

  7. They are giving up on that week.. clearly… not really caring, and why should they worry too much… they have an unloose able lead this year and heaps of content to come!

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