Darren McMullen to host Love in the Wild for NBC

Former MTV presenter Darren McMullan will host a new dating show on NBC.

Former MTV presenter and host of Minute to Win It Darren McMullen, will host a new dating series for NBC.

Love in the Wild drops 10 single women and 10 single men looking for love in the remote jungles of Costa Rica. Their search for love will encounter some peaks and valleys – literally – as the players pair up for challenges ranging from paddling down rivers to scaling down a 200 foot high waterfall.

In familiarising himself with the US audience, McMullen tells the Hollywood Reporter:

“It is often reported that I am Australian due to the fact that is the place I started my career in television. I was born and raised in Scotland and then moved to Australia when I was a teenager. On a side note, it is also not common knowledge that us Scots are the BEST lovers in the world. Trust me, I’m a TV host.”

TV Guide says of the show: “It is salacious in nature (10 women and 10 men of moderate-to-extreme attractiveness are thrown together in a Costa Rican paradise to partner-swap their way to true love) but not in practice (so much closed-mouth kissing). It is kind of mean (each week the last picked — that is, least desired — from each sex goes home) but then again completely goofy (at one point during a river-rafting challenge, someone confused a stick for a crocodile). It is mindless enough to be ideal summertime programming.”

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  1. I’ve hated this guy ever since I first saw him.

    In other news all the MTV channels got new watermarks today that are up in the top-left corner, no longer annoyingly being a quarter of the way into the screen to accommodate the 7 people who still have 4:3 TVs.

  2. Would love if someone (Ch 7?) picked this one up and aired it soon, but knowing how every station has a ton of prog which they promised would air, and haven’t yet, the chance of this seeing the light of day anytime soom is pretty slim.

    Though, I would still be happy with Minute To Win It USA, but that looks dead in the water too…

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