Kyle Sandilands show in discussions with Seven

Kyle Sandilands is hoping to have his own show on Seven, filmed in LA.

Talk of Kyle Sandilands having his own show on the Seven Network are back in the spotlight with a report today where Head of Programming Tim Worner answers questions with due caution.

On radio Sandilands told his listeners his new project, including radio co-host Jackie O, would air from Los Angeles in a 9:30pm timeslot.

But Seven is believed to be more interested in a 10:30pm slot.

“Generally we don’t like to share our thoughts or our schedule with our opposition,” Worner told News Limited.

“Typically these discussions focus on two areas – maths (paypacket) and English (what language Sandilands could use on air). In terms of maths, let us just say the discussions won’t be confined to the timeslot.

“In terms of English, it’s pretty clear we might have to run Kyle through the classification rules that apply to television as opposed to radio.”

The Matty Johns Show didn’t return to screens this year following speculation that the network wanted a 10:30pm timeslot.

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  1. Jackie O is the TV’s Queen of the Shark Jump. Every show she has ever been in was a complete ratings disaster/quickly axed. Google it, you’ll be surprised at just how many shows!

    I don’t like Kyle, so I hope she is heavily involved.

  2. I like the idea of Kyle with a late night show.

    But for his sake and Seven’s I think a 10.30 Weeknights slot is much better.

    The format is suited to 10.30.

    I think it’s bound to fail at 9.30.

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