Report: Seven wants to bump Matty Johns

The Seven Network wants to shift The Matty Johns Show from 7:30pm to 10:30pm next year.

The Sunday Telegraph reports today that the Seven Network wants to shift The Matty Johns Show from 7:30pm to 10:30pm next year.

The NRL show debuted with much hope for Seven but attracted disappointing reviews and saw its figures slip. On those figures in the 7:30 slot next year it would be disastrous.

A production source said the proposed move had “annoyed” John Singleton and that it “would not be happening”. The show is produced by Johns and Singleton.

10:30 need not be the only option. The Matty Johns Showwould be well-suited to 7mate -but it would need to take a haircut, which could prove a sticking point.

Another question also hovers over what Seven will do for its AFL entertainment. The Bounce was promised to return for the Finals but was replaced by AFL Game Day: Primetime on the back of the Ben Cousins doco. Will it return in 2011?

Meanwhile Matthew Johns says he has penned not one but two sitcoms (who knew?) including one which looks at the television industry.

The Sunday Tele says he has commandeered Glenn Wheatley to pitch the show to other networks. Can’t wait for that one. Or to put it another way: I can.

Source: Sunday Telegraph

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  1. Anything that keeps AFL off my television – more power to the NRL and its shows.

    Given the Matty Johns shows is pitched as a family football show moving it to 10.30 is stupidity in itself. Seven is fast becoming a clone of Nine – utterly hopeless

  2. the show was terrible. nothing was different to his former characters on the footy show and they were a lot less funnier than the one on the footy show. if he wants to bring out 2 new sitcoms in the new year, well he has to realize. you have to be funny to start any sitcoms

  3. Matty Johns’ forte is as a football commentator/tactician. His show this year was very ordinary. The attempted humour in it was stuff that would appeal to 13 or 14 year old boys. It was predictable and not funny. The best part of the program, and the part that always received the best reaction from the studio audience, was Controversy Corner. However that was limited to 7 minutes in the hour so they had time to “showcase” Johns’ comedy. If 7 ever realise that a hard hitting but relaxed footy program where commentators can actually say what they think, instead of using non-offensive cliches as their opinion, they’ll be on a winner. And keep the comedy to people who can actually do it properly, not guys who’ve gained contracts that basically give them carte blanche to do whatever they want to do with their program.

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