Returning: Sunday Night. Airdate: Great Migrations

With the end of Dancing with the Stars tomorrow night, Seven is preparing to revamp its Sunday night line-up.

Sunday Night will return next week at 6:30pm followed by the Free to Air premiere of National Geographic’s Great Migrations.

The nature documentary series aired on Pay TV last year (and was given a 5 star review by TV Tonight) -shame it won’t be in HD.

Downton Abbey has its ripping 90 minute finale next week.

Which leaves some questions about the following week, July 24. Will it be X Factor audition time?


  1. X factor will be Monday/Tuesday this year I have been saying this for quite a while now. It wont be on a Sunday that is for sure and certain.

  2. I also would not like to see The X Factor on Sundays as it will come second to The Renovators and then Junior MasterChef when the actual competition starts.

  3. I know this gets asked a lot, but any chance we’ll see new Bones start again? By the time they finish season five, it should lead into season six, due in the US fall.

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