Airdate: Eat Yourself Sexy Australia

Former MasterChef host Sarah Wilson returns to television with her own series on LifeStyle You later this month.

Eat Yourself Sexy Australia sees 8 women transformed from saggy and stressed-out, to sexy and stunning in eight weeks.

Eat Yourself Sexy follows the stories of eight women, one per episode, as they transform their bodies and find the power to reignite their relationships with the help of a team of experts.

From the salad dodging housewife whose libido has gone missing to the frantic mum-of-three who never has time for herself, this series will help Australian women lose weight, regain health and reclaim their long-lost mojo once and for all.

Host Sarah Wilson, along with expert nutritionist Emma Sutherland and trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson, are on a quest to transform these women from saggy and stressed-out, to sexy and stunning in just eight short weeks.

8:30pm Thursday August 25 on LifeStyle You.


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