Gogglebox reviews The Voice

"It's not fun without Ricky," Goggleboxers declare.


Last night’s Gogglebox reviewed plenty of Reality TV shows (make that too many) including
The Voice, Married at First Sight, My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef Australia, Selling Houses Australia plus Kebab Kings, Keeping Australia Alive and Movie: The Bodyguard.

Here’s what they had to say about The Voice:

I love this show.
Why are they flying by helicopter?
What, they can’t come in a car?
I think you need boobs to be called a boob tube.
Here comes Smelta Good One
What? F*** off! Where’s Ricky?
(Ronan Keating) What a showbiz slut!
Oh they’re not gonna sing.
This is just a travesty to Adele.
Who’s Adele?
I don’t know why they can’t sing.
Has there ever been a non-sad story behind the singer?
Turn around you big dum dum
She seems a bit fake.
I love her.
It’s not fun without Ricky.

9 Responses

  1. I’d have to disagree. I think the chemistry between the current judges is great. This week when Ronan found out the Maddern Bros wrote one of his favorite songs, and then they sang it for him, was great tv. The Ladies seem to have ironed out their differences and Ronan is still very good to look at.

  2. I thought they missed an opportunity with Home & Away last week when one of the teen characters storyline involved her getting an abortion. Would’ve made for and interesting discussion amongst the Goggleboxers.

    1. Yep, that would have been perfect. Yet again, Aussie dramas and comedies are missing out because of this endless focus on reality shows. 7 reality shows last night but still no mention of Comedy Showroom on ABC or Tomorrow When The War Began

  3. That’s why Iam not so keen on the voice this year I miss Ricky Martin he had so much energy and brought so much life and fun to the show the other judges are so fake and Ronan well it’s all about him didn’t like him on the X factor .plus Ricky was such a gorgeous man to have on my screen so beautiful to look at and so genuine.

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