‘Block-mania’ as thousands queue for open inspection

Massive crowds waited for up to four hours to get a glimpse inside the four homes on The Block.

How do you know you have a hit series on your hands?

When 30,000 people turn up for your Open Inspection.

Yesterday Melburnians were out in droves to view the four homes in Cameron Street, Richmond, that will soon go under the hammer for The Block.

But nobody expected the massive crowds that wanted a sticky beak inside the homes of the Channel Nine series.

Crowds started queuing at 7am and waited for up to four hours for a viewing, with the lines stretching right around ‘the block’ (including past Molly Meldrum’s front fence). At its peak it streatched nearly 2km.

The homes will be auctioned in Richmond Town Hall on Saturday August 20th ahead of the season final.

But Biggin Scott Richmond director Russell Cambridge, who is selling Polly and Waz’s property told the Herald Sun producers Watercress paid above the market rate for the properties while Advantage Property Consulting’s Frank Valentic said that once holding costs were taken into account, each house would need to raise between $1.3 million and $1.4 million to break even.

Josh and Jenna’s double-fronted weatherboard is being advertised for $900,000 to $990,000.

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  1. I went two days before and took some photos from the street and the handy multi level car park nearby. Didn’t get to see inside of course but beats lining up for hours for an open for inspection!

  2. @ JB, really good point, the property’s all look really nice, but knowing they were rushed and done on tight budgets would make me wonder what might go wrong in the future.

  3. well you have heard only in america now there is only in melbourne only melburnians would waste hours like that

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  4. Did they put any sort of crowd control in place so that residents could at least get in and out of their driveways?

    @Trix – good point!

    @Brad – so true.

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  5. @Brad haha! The Spotlight was so bright that they had to install a shade from Mitre10.

    I presume that they only let so many people into the house at one time. Otherwise that’s alot of people trampling through a house. You wouldn’t want something to go missing.

  6. If Channel 9 News was serious they would have followed The Block dialog and the report would have gone something like this. “The crowds were so large we were unable to get our Panasonic cameras anywhere near the houses so instead of driving in our Toyotas we flew in our Bell helicopter which also gave us a good view of Ikea, Beacon Lighting and various other sponsors.”

  7. That’s Victorians for ya. They really get sucked in don’t they. Don’t know who would want to buy a property done for tv in a rushed job by a bunch of young amateurs.

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