Gay brother of Bob Katter speaks to Negus

On 6.30 with George Negus tonight, Carl Katter, the gay brother of federal independent MP Bob Katter speaks out against the politician’s views on same-sex marriage branding them “hurtful, damaging and inappropriate.”

Propelled to speak out following Bob Katter’s recent comments at a Parliament House rally where he said same sex marriage deserves to be ridiculed, Carl said: “I don’t know how he can persecute a minority the way he does.”

“He doesn’t seem to represent the whole of his community and he denies there are gay people in his community.”

The exclusive interview airs on 6.30 with George Negus tonight on TEN.


  1. @Craig: how will he split the vote? He’s surely not going to direct people to preference the ALP before the LNP, given what he gave as his reasoning when choosing the Coalition over Gillard after the last federal election.

    If anything, his party existing will increase the chance of an LNP government because he’s likely to attract some ALP leaning people to vote for his candidates (who could get a seat or two), and possibly even preference the LNP over the ALP. If his party gets seats, those members will sit on the LNP side of the chamber.

  2. Definitely has Bob’s looks.

    I was sad learning of the broken relationship of Carl and his brother. Just because they have differences in views (no matter how big) shouldn’t have to result in the breaking of a family bond, a unique relationship. I do hope both parties can sort it out in the future.

  3. How did Bob Katter get elected? Are the general population really as stupid as wold appear. Bob Katter highlighting his ignorance for all and sundry. Once it was the same attitude if someone was left handed! Now at least with education this sort of idiocy is on the decline

  4. Just remember, the homophobe is “the one with a problem that needs fixing” not us. If they fail to learn the error of their bigotry, they will probably be gay themselves in their next life … or even far worse!

    Still, we will not let them convince the majority of Australians to follow their ignorance, arrogance and bigotry!

  5. @Mike, you’ve discovered the sometimes painful reality that you can’t choose family, but you can certainly choose your friends … I have many gay friends, some of whom who’ve come through rejection from their families, and some of whom who have been embraced wholeheartedly. My gay niece is loved and treasured for who she is, just a wonderful loving person who happens to be a lesbian. The homophobia expressed by Bob Katter (and others) is nothing more than fear and a massive lack of insight into what it is to be human.

  6. @Ok I have half siblings as well as full siblings, and I don’t consider the half siblings to be any less part of my family. Why is it important to point that out?

  7. Damn I found out about this too late (was
    Cooking dinner so wasn’t watching anything) – is there anywhere to see this? Would love to see it – I find the fact that the crazy Texan shooting guy from The Simpsons holds so much power in the govt horrifying! This makes it even worse, considering his pro-homophobia campaign…

  8. Bob Katter is always talking about “Family Values”..he obviously doesn’t value his half brother and couldn’t care about his family with the disgusting homophobic comments.Bob is a disgrace as he doesn’t respect his family, but seems to enjoy hurting it. are a hero for being yourself, when it must be easy stay silent

  9. Moanique in Brisbane

    Bob Katter is a homophobic loudmouth. His views may well reflect those of his electorate, but they certainly don’t reflect the views of Queenslanders in general. It’s a pity he takes such a bigoted stance on gays, because he can be quite compassionate on other subjecs.

  10. Who cares if it’s his half brother? Give Bob some hair dye and they could be twins!

    Times like these I’m grateful to 6.30. Could you imagine Matt White handling this on TT? LOL no..

  11. I am in a similar position to Carl. I also have a homophobic brother and I am a gay man. I am well respected in my community and have great friends. However sadly, it can be your own family that can hurt the most.

  12. @ ok – does it matter – fact is he has a close family member who is gay and instead of being progressive Katter spouts off like a demented 1950’s preacher.

    Can’t say I am surprised though, hypocrisy knows no bounds with his type.

  13. I had no idea, seriously the only thing Bob Katter is going to accomplish with his new party is to split the conservative vote and lessen the chances for the Liberals/Nationals to get back into power here in QLD and Federally.

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