Good News Week to revamp as Good News World

TEN's Good News Week is to be replaced by a "new and improved" Good News World.

Media today reports that Good News Week will be replaced with the “new and improved” Good News World.

The Herald Sun writes that Good News Week has been rested to “freshen up” and give Can of Worms time to bed in.

TEN yesterday confirmed it was to be given a revamp after axe rumours surfaced.

Paul McDermott and cast members are to remain “with a few extras.”

Good News Week has been revived a number of times since its original half hour show on the ABC.

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  1. the only reason why GNW needs to be fixed up is because Ten gave them a 8:30 time slot so they can’t be as adult as they normally are and they cut their viewing time so they had to rush though stuff, you can see this with “Strange but True” where both teams have the single story and the removal of “Fast Money” quiz at the end

    still, looking on the GNW site, first video of the last episode they made showed Osama on the news paper with the headline “Justice Done”……as far as i know Osama got shot after GNW was taken off….so where was it then.

    ofcause that’s not the first instance of Ten stuffing things up, Burn Notice was on Fridays and after 2 episode and a week of previews of the 3rd episode it was replaced by some shite movie which wasn’t even advitised that week, my set top box was still saying Burn Notice when the movie was on (lucky i was playing Terraria while waiting for some files to get encrypted so i could ignore it until Law and Order came on)

    and remember last year after the comedy festival break, for a week Ten was advertising some around the country trip some comedians was doing, kinda like Ross Nobles one but there was a group of them, that aired for a bit before they cut it off for a re-run of The Great Debate…..not a total loss, at least they didn’t stick some god awful shite

    Ten needs to relies GNW was good ready before they started to mess with it and that’s why it needs to be fixed up, put it on now for crying out load, we don’t was CoW or Renovators, both are shite anyway, i watch CoW only to read the crap that comes in on their twitter feeds

  2. All three hosts are shit, especially Clare Hooper. Such a try hard version of a show that used to be good. Grow some balls channel ten and give us something new. We’re not stupid.

  3. Bring back Good News Week in its original format! It was great topical entertainment and I loved Paul McDermot and Mikey Robbins because they actually knew what they were talking about, but then they had to bring in random guests (read endorsements of other Channel Ten shows), move it to a later time slot and force stupid special effects every week that barely made sense and they wonder why the ratings dropped?

    Can of Worms is stupid and lazy, with a parade of Channel Ten ‘stars’ and no guests who actually have something to back up their opinions. It would have been great if they got people who actually knew something – a youth worker, a religious person, an ethicist – but the most insightful comments always seem to come from the audience.

  4. Good News Week is the worst show on Australian Television, Paul Macdermott’s Jokes are so obvious you can almost recite them along with him as he says them and Mikey Robins is like everyone’s painfully unfunny uncle. I feel sorry for some of the guests.
    Great concept, but I find that watching the host and captains is like chewing tinfoil.

    Put it out of its misery

  5. I’m going to guess one of the things they will try to change is the set, which will probably be their first shaky step. I can never decide whether I like that they don’t take the points seriously or not, I mean when someone makes an excellent joke and Paul dishes them out I kind of like it, but spicks and specks takes itself quite seriously in that respect and I like that too. I hate buzzers of death, love speed dating, the hot spot and the therapy chair (depending who’s in it), I just hope it doesn’t turn to crap when they try and re-invent it… again.

  6. This is what the brains trust at channel 10 is offering tonight instead of GNW:

    6:30 With George Negus
    The 7pm Project
    The Renovators
    Can Of Worms
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    Ten Late News With Sports Tonight
    The Late Show With David Letterman

    Channel 10 want to “give Can of Worms (COW) time to bed in.” ( Which translates to, we don’t want to put GNW on straight after COW as the ratings would show just what tripe ‘COW’ really is.)

    Why to TV companies have to fiddle with successful show/schedule combinations? Justifying their salaries?

  7. The 8:30pm to 10pm timing was excellent and for a while they had Cleveland Brown and his animated sitcom following which helped GNW’S ratings live comedy leading into animated comedy.If they can do something like that again and ditch the crime/police shows on a Monday night all the better and it makes for a good start to the working week.

  8. Ten weren’t doing themselves any favours by dragging it out to 90 minutes and then pushing it back to a later start.

    Could this perhaps be the sort of show that would fit better on Eleven?

  9. I would probably watch this show if it didn’t have Paul McDermott or Mikey Robbins in it. It also reeks of being rehearsed, and not as ad-lib as they make it out to be

  10. @mutcho, that’s not true. Good News Week premiered well this year and for the first monthn or so, it kept it’s 800-900k viewers– and then 10 pushed it back to 945/1030 timeslots- that’s when ratings started sliding and ended up hitting over 500k. GNW never hit below 500k in a new ep.

  11. This is the luckiest show on television. It’s had more lives that a cat! It only got a reprisal a couple of years ago on the back of the writers’ strike in the US. Now it’s getting a reprisal because Ten can’t find anything better to fill an hour?

    Given the show always had an impressive guest list it should be LOL television but despite my efforts to ‘get’ this show I’ve never got there. Personally I never really find the show (or in particular Mr McDermott) all that amusing as much as I tried to. It was a hit in the ’90s and it should have stayed there IMO 🙂

  12. Get rid of some of the tacky games (I’m looking at you Buzzers of Death) and bring back the points actually mattering (well, at least no stupid scores like 1,000,000 to 1,000,001) and it’ll be right back on track.

  13. Channel Ten have had a disastrous run of bad decisions lately – I just hope they don’t mess with the show again and force it off the air. I’m always cynical whenever I see the terms ‘retool’ or ‘reboot’ these days…

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