Katrina & Amie sell house, but get no profit.

After The Block‘s shock result last night, there were more than a few tears amongst some of the contestants.

Just one house sold at the invite-auction, the home belonging to Polly & Waz.

All that work and heartache left several feeling sour. Amie and Katrina could barely hide their disappointment, with Amie admitting on-air, “A waste of time, really, isn’t it….?”

When you’ve been separated from partners and kids, it must be doubly crushing.

Last year couples profited between $47,000 and $205,000 (rising to $305,000 with the extra prize money).

Not long after Saturday night’s auction a private sale was liaised for Katrina & Amie of $860,000 -their reserve price. That means the sisters will leave with no cash from the Auction episode, but they were paid a base salary for their time on the show. It isn’t clear how much they may have made from commercial endorsements or what opportunities may yet surface from the show.

Nine’s official website hosts a very telling video in which host Scott Cam tries to lift their spirits after the property was passed in, telling them a property last year was sold for $90,000 profit. The scene was almost a mirror of 2010 when a blinking Cam couldn’t come up with anything to say when a property was passed in.

But Amie was unimpressed. “Just a waste of bloody time,” she says before walking away.

Yet the site trumpets the news of their sale: “Katrina and Amie looked bitterly disappointed when their property was passed in at The Block‘s grand finale, so it’s great news to hear that they sold their house after the auction.”

“Congratulations to the sisters!”

Somehow I doubt they are celebrating….

Homes built by Jenna and Josh and Rod and Tania are yet to be sold. While the former couple emerged with a wedding proposal, the latter won a car.

Host Scott Cam said: “Our hearts really go out to them all. Everybody on the show worked their guts out and we’re all shocked that there weren’t buyers for every home, although I’m sure there soon will be.”

Nine Network Managing Director Jeffrey Browne, said: “I am not surprised at the auction results given the recent decline in the Melbourne property market. But, these properties represent excellent value and I expect them all to be sold very soon. This is reality television at its most real.”

Nine and Watercress Productions paid $3.6m for the four Richmond properties, but will have made other revenue from advertising. The show has lifted the network from a sluggish ratings performance, and all eyes are on the figures to be released this morning, tipped to top the 2m mark.

“We all hoped that everyone would walk away from the show with some money,” Waz Jones told the Herald Sun.

“Everyone was genuinely happy for us but then everyone wanted to go off and see their families for a cuddle and some consoling. It’s fair to say there were a few tears.”



  1. I can’t understand why Amie and Katrina didn’t wait a little longer to a higher price for their property thus making a profit for themselves. They worked so hard and okay they got a base wage and maybe some commercial endorsements but still they house was worth more, especially being fully furnished and so close the CBD. So why didn’t they hang out for a higher price. Is there a time frame for a sale, if so I can understand but if not then why?

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