New Inventors grand final winner

NSW farmer Edward Evans last night won the 2011 New Inventors Grand Final, the last ever for the ABC.

Evans (pictured second from left), invented a ‘Swing Gate,’ designed to minimise the risk of injury when cattle charge a gate within the confined space of a cattle yard.

With a hinge that allows the gate to bend it prevents operators from being struck by the full force of the impact.

There were two other awards chosen by judges Chris Russell, Bernie Hobbs and Sally Dominguez last night.

The Les Is More Award, which honours inventors who create something to help others or the environment, was presented to Michael O’Brien for his low-cost, battery operated surgical light for developing nations. His portable LED Surgical light produces the sufficient amount of lumens to perform surgery.

The Bright Spark Award for young inventors went to Liam Scott and Matthew O’Malley for their Space Saver Spacer, a portable and collapsible large volume asthma spacer that saves about 80% of the room taken up by an equivalent spacer. The boys are part of Team BaCoN, a team of seven high school students from Adelaide who came up with the idea.

Host James O’Loghlin presented the final show, which ended a seven season run on ABC1.


  1. Wannabe Director

    If nothing else, all this talk about the ABC cuts has done the world of good for helping to promote the program! This is one of the major issues for ABC programs, no publicity = no audience

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