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I’m enjoying Shark Tank‘s second season, but now that the show is established there is room for a bit more variation.

I don’t think it’s necessary to hear the profiles of all 5 Sharks at the top of the episode every week. I always fast-forward through this part now.

It’s also getting easier to predict the outcomes. The first pitch always gets a deal, to kick the episode off with a positive note. That invariably means the second pitch won’t get a deal.

The final pitch in the episode also gets a deal, to finish on a high note. So as a viewer it’s only the 2 or 3 deals in between that genuinely keep me guessing. Whilst I still enjoy hearing the other pitches, it would be good to mix things up.

Host Sarah Harris is more visible this season (although wearing the same outfit suggests they must shoot the whole thing same day?) and new Shark Glen Richards is working out well. The success stories on 2015 deals are also a nice inclusion.

It’s great that a show featuring inventions has moved in after a long absence since The New Inventors.


  1. the recent “2 episodes a week” change, does this mean ratings are down? normally when they boost a show with 2 episodes a week it means they are just trying to end it sooner?

  2. Very much enjoying this season, the catchups are a great addition and give legitimacy to the deals, I also like seeing the debate between the sharks on popular deals, Glen is a great addition for this. I still dont really see the necessity for Sarah, when one of the sharks is usually recapping the proposals and could easily give intros like masterchef, also her dress is awful.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    I enjoy the show and I agree that the intros need to be chopped down a lot. I enjoy the after stories, they could be a bit longer with a bit about how they achieved their successes.

  4. I am surprised to see a few changes in its schedule. Moving from Sunday night to Wednesday was a good move, given MC didn’t finish until past 9.15. But now I saw it advertised for two nights a week from next week. I struggle to invest in shows that are on more than once a week, especially when they move around too.

    It is a shame 10 doesn’t have something else to fill the Thursday void. Monday through Wednesday seem to be holding up well. They need another alternative to HYBPA, perhaps something like the old Thank God You’re Here that 7 took away from them. MC is doing well, so have something different every night to follow on in the 8.30 (ish) time slot.

  5. Yeah I’m loving it to. I feel like it’s better than the first season… I haven’t even really noticed a pattern forming regarding the success or failure of the pitches… Now I will be noticing it lol

  6. Yes I am still loving the show. Good to see it rise in the new Wednesday slot, and this week i think 500k or so against Origin was pretty good. I have mentioned it on their Facebook page, but it wouldn’t it be better to include the 2015 updates as a separate special episode at the end of this season?

  7. Yep Great show but remove the start bit introducing the sharks or at least cut it right back to like 10 seconds. I also like the info on last years deals and how they are going. I Don’t like the fact they are wearing the same thing every ep, they need to change it up a bit even if it’s filmed in one day.

  8. I read a blog post from Janine last year mentioning she was told to wear the same clothing so they can mix/match pitches in editing, similar to The Voice.

    I always tune out to the intros, especially when 4 out of the 5 sharks intros are the same from last year.

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