Auditions: Shark Tank

The hunt is on for the new entrepreneurs and inventors.

Shark Tank is set to return and the hunt is on for the best entrepreneurs that Australia has to offer.

The series last screened on 10 with investors Sabri Suby, Dr. Catriona Wallace, Davie Fogarty, Jane Lu and Robert Herjavec.

“Do you have a brilliant brand, innovative invention or a powerhouse product that you are excited to bring to market? Does it need investment to thrive?” a casting notice asks.

“Our Sharks are armed with their own hard-earned cash and they’re looking for Australian businesses to invest in.”

You can apply here.

2 Responses

  1. The US version of Shark Tank on 7Bravo is enjoyable. The overseas versions of this format and variant programs, such as Dragon Den and Elevator Pitch are good in the sense that ideas that haven’t reached Australia yet can be picked up by savvy viewers.

  2. Yes, this is good for advertisers. Definitely, the 300k ST fans are worth more than the 1.5 million MAFS fans or the viewers of the 6 PM news programs, in terms of the quality of the audience for advertisers. For companies like Optus, it’s actually worthwhile to advertise on ST. I’ve always believed that ST has the highest quality audience compared to any other programs. The viewer count definitely lower, probably they hardly watch FTV.

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