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Foreign language News, Home Shopping & classic sitcoms -what’s sitting at the bottom of the TV ratings?

Foreign language News, Home Shopping, classic sitcoms and shows we never even knew existed. That’s what’s sitting at the bottom of the TV ratings.

We’re always focussed at the top of the heap, but what’s at the other end?

TV Tonight took a look at last week’s ratings results as a snapshot of what isn’t working or passes for ‘filler’ these days. Many of the shows were overnight and early morning, including familiar titles in replay.

Shows that ranked an absolute zero last week were dominated by foreign language news services replays on SBS TWO:
Hungarian News, Hindi News, Polish News (2nd Edition), Spanish News, Urdu News, Chinese News, Portuguese News, Indonesian News, Korean News, Arabic News, Japanese News, Turkish News, Hong Kong News, French News, and Maltese News. Most of these had their their first broadcast on SBS ONE but remained minute.

Here’s the way the numbers fell, literally, for each channel last week.

Disclaimer: includes some replays.

Bottom of the heap last week was Boblins, The Dreaming, Basketball WNBL (all on 1,000) then Big Ideas Sampler, Art Nation, National Press Club Address (all 2,000 in early morning replays) , Catalyst and The New Inventors also in early morning replays on 3,000.

Fittingly the Station Close on ABC2 was its lowest rated show. 1,000 viewers watched the shutdown. Next was a Cold Feet replay (4,000), How Do They Do It?, Taking the Flak and Can We Believe the Science? (each 5,000).

Station Close was also the lowest on ABC3 at 1,000 then Voltron: Defender of the Universe (3,000), What Do You Know?, The 3 Factor (6,000), Barney’s Barrier Reef (7,000).

ABC News 24
The lowest rated shows for ABC News 24 were State to State (1,000), Big Ideas (1,000), replays of The Business (3,000), 7:30– NT (3,000), 7:30– ACT, 7:30, Capital Hill, (3,000) and BBC World News: The Hub (4,000).

NBC Meet the Press (6,000) was lowest for Seven. The West Real Estate Program and Beyond Tomorrow pulled 7,000, NBC Today Best Bits and It Is Written Oceania were 8,000, Home Shopping was 10,000 (and 11,000 in repeat), and Timeless Hunters had 12,000.

7TWO registered a 0 for Home Shopping (Early), Sons And Daughters (Early), and W.A.U: Where Ocean Giants Meet (Early) all of which were repeated on the multichannel. 2,000 viewers watched Home Shopping, a Coronation Street replay was 3,000 then Great Outdoors Extra Time Early and Sea Breeze were 4,000.

7mate had 0 for Home Shopping (Early and Day), Sunday Night (Extra Time-Early [R]), then 3,000 for The Jeff Foxworthy Show, 4,000 for K Zone: Handy Manny, K Zone: Stitch!, The New Adam 12, and 5,000 for K Zone: Zeke and Luther.

Nine had 0 viewers for Riverview Live. Next were On Display (2,000), The Baron (3,000), The New Adventures of Old Christine (14,000), Selfcare (14,000), Alive and Cooking (17,000) and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (17,000).

Danoz had 4,000 (and other broadcasts were 6,000), Bratz! was 5,000, MCD and Home Shopping were 6,000, Looney Tunes, Alcatraz and Conan were 7,000, Extra was 8,000 and The Flintstones was 9,000.

Home Shopping, Friends, Poor Cow were all 1,000, MCD, Joyce Meyer Enjoy Everyday Life, Seaway, No Palea and more Home Shopping were 2,000, Gem Presents, Dangerman and F Troop were all 3,000.

Life Today with James Robison (4,000) was lowest for TEN followed by The Early Show (4,000), Self Care Corporation (5,000), Mental (5,000), Bayless Conley (6,000), Danoz Home Shopping (6,000) and Hour of Power (7,000).

The Brady Bunch (Sat Early) had 4,000 viewers then Toasted TV (5,000), Jag (8,000), The King of Queens (10,000), 7th Heaven (10,000), Happy Days (11,000) and Everybody Loves Raymond (12,000).

ONE had nobody watching Expedition Impossible or I Fish repeats, Football: FA was 1,000, 2012 MotoGP was 3,000, Triathlon: ITU World Championship was 3,000, NFL Total Access and The WWE Experience were 4,000, and MASH was 5,000.

Lowest for SBS ONE was Portuguese News plus Weatherwatch and Music on 0 viewers, Latin American News (1,000), Urdu News (1,000), Greek News, Russian News, Arabic News, Hindi News, (all 1,000), Weatherwatch Overnight (1,000), Turkish News, German News (both 2,000).

Hungarian News, Hindi News, Polish News (2nd Edition), Spanish News, Urdu News, Chinese News, Portuguese News, Indonesian News, Korean News, Arabic News, Japanese News, Turkish News, Hong Kong News, French News, and Maltese News all ranked a 0.

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    Is it possible to have another ratings report of the lowest ratings if possible? Or have an article that is based purely on daytime tv? I haven’t seen many articles lately on how Ten wins daytime tv despite not seeing ratings from 11an till 4.30op. This goes to all stations. Wonder what The Chase on Seven rates at 3pm?How do the movies rate on 7 and 9 at lunchtime? Do kids tv on abc 2 beat them all during the day. etc

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