ONE, ELEVEN: 2012 highlights

In addition to revealing highlights for 2012 TEN yesterday announced some of its highlights for ONE, ELEVEN and Digital too.

The Simpsons,
Being Human,
The Glee Project,
Everybody Loves Raymond,
Happy Days,
Sex and the City

Sons Of Anarchy,
An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List,
Prison Break,
Twister Sisters,
Fear Factor,
Formula One

Breakfast and Young Talent Time will be streamed live online and via smart phone applications.

In addition to dedicated websites, catch-up TV, iPhone and iPad sites, TEN will launch Android, internet-connected TV and gaming platform services over the next twelve months.

TEN also promises to expand its catch-up TV service, watchtv.


  1. William Colleran

    They will be screening SoA until its finish probably starting after The Killing.
    David, on the TV Throng website they said that MotoGP and Formula One will be Live and Exclusively on ONE and they will get the rights for next contract

  2. SOA is one of the best shows on TV. When does it come back on? I think you could of kept screening the 3rd series so we could have been more up todate with the US who have just completed the 4th series. It could even be a success on channel 10.

  3. Why would ONE and Channel TEN not show the MotoGP when its on their contract is that they have to show it Live on ONE and show it at 2300 on TEN (Live or Delayed) they wil show it Delayed when its in Europe or in Asia but it will be live in America, Australia, Middle East

  4. I think ELEVEN has done a good job with Animation Fixation. Fast-tracked Simpsons and Futurama! 😀 I hope they continue to fasttrack (including Cleveland, Bob’s Burgers and hopefully Allen Gregory and Napoloen Dynamite.) in the future. Thanks ELEVEN!

  5. 90210 needs to be shown on 11 in double episodes for 5 months, as the eps are ridiculously 2 years behind. Like they haven’t started showing season 2 eps and next month, season 4 kicks off.

    Dollhouse and Melrose Place the remake. The episodes of both cancelled shows are already 2 years old and MP the remake only went for 18 eps, so it must’ve been pretty bad. Eps of both could get shown on 11, at graveyard midnight timeslots.

  6. Probably a dumb question though curious….

    @ Lachlan – Your last name isn’t Murdoch is it ? … just wondering.


    The Glee Project — I thought this show/series was a one off and once they find the person they want the show is over ?

    Perhaps Craig Ferguson is not staying on 11 and that is why Graham Norton has been bought by Ten instead for 11 ? Graham Norton would definitely rate higher and the audience could relate bettter ?

    eg Graham Norton – 200 ,000 viewers vs Craig on less than 50,000 viewers ?

    • I can’t speak for TEN / ONE / ELEVEN on shows that were not mentioned. It’s obviously not a full 12 month list, so you will have to draw your own conclusions about what it does / doesn’t mean, guys.

  7. Vicky,

    Ten or Basketball Australia will soon announce that the NBL is being expanded On One HD to three live games a week on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

    I have no idea if they’re bringing the NBA back again (assuming the season goes ahead due to the lockout) but given it screens in the mornings, I couldn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be back.

  8. Why on Earth do they even bother with Sex and the City is beyond me.You can now buy the box sets of all series in any music/video section of a department store and only the middle aged or the people who find the Australian Winners and Losers a joke will actually watch.I am one who prefers the home grown show over Sarah Jessica Parker and her girl pals original.

  9. Please tell me Craig ferguson will still be on?? And Burn Notice & White Collar I’m hoping they keep up to date even if on a digital channel… problem is they move them around and you never seem to know when their on and you miss it 🙁

  10. Secret Squïrrel

    Looking fwd to more SoA, Idiot Abroad, and F1 on One. Hopefully with live qually for the F1. But what’s happening with Eleven? Dexter’s delay may be due to licensing agreements with Foxtel but where is Californication, Burn Notice, Nurse Jackie, and Dollhouse (still)? I wouldn’t mind more Psych and Monk as well. And, echoing others, why is Craig Ferguson not listed? All that list does is throw up more questions.

    Agree that they have to do something with their catch-up service – it’s horrible. I don’t have a big problem with the shows being chopped up because the next part automatically plays and, at least you know where they ads are going to be. But it’s a nightmare trying to find the show that you’re looking for with all those parts listed separately. And the in-built search doesn’t work (video not website). Sons of Anarchy is listed under Entertainment but if you search for “anarchy” it comes up with no results.

    I wonder if this will be happening soon? – (Freeview’s all-channel catch-up).

  11. its not much different . serving up much the same !!! Frasier ?? the expected ones Dollhouse , 90210 and Melrose Place not even a mention. Not even a rerun of Beverly Hills 90210 or The Oc or Dawson’s Creek. No real breakthroughs.

  12. F1, Idiot Abroad & Sons of Anarchy….that will do for me. Digi channels doing their job and pulling minority viewers in for small bits here and there. They are not major channels where they want you to watch everything all the time, they provide a niche which grabs you for short periods.

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