Returning: Top Gear Australia

It's been a long time in between revs but Top Gear Australia returns next week.

It’s been a long time in between revs but Top Gear Australia returns next week with Shane Jacobson, Steve Pizzati and Ewen Page.

It resumes at 8:30pm Tuesday August 30th. This will be the fourth series for the show, but the second on Nine.

The Celebrity in a Reasonably Priced is Andy Lee.

Top Gear Australia is returning for its second series on the Nine Network, leaving passports at home, hitting the roads and off-roads of Australia, and bringing new car reviews, motoring challenges and stunts to Tuesday nights.

In this series starting Tuesday, August 30, at 8.30pm, Ewen, Shane and Steve won’t just spar with each other – they’ll also take on Australian lawmakers, questioning the lack of common sense and safety in road rules passed by State and Federal governments.

Plus there are new Aussie stars on the Top Gear racetrack.

In the premiere episode the boys add some spice to rally driving byintroducing a novel twist: blindfolding the driver. Will the new sport catch on? Watch and find out.

In this week’s car review Ewen declares his long-held dirty secret: he loves Volvos. The question is, will he like the sexy new S60-R? Or has Volvo lost its geek appeal by going to cool school?

Toyota has relaunched its retro-style FJ Cruiser and when Ewen and Shane head out to review it, Shane comes up with a unique test that doubles as a world record attempt.Will the trio get their names in the history books?

One half of comedy duo Hamish and Andy, Andy Lee, might be a national radio and television star, but how will he take to our Top Gear track?

In a controversial new segment Ewen will debate why he believes freeway speed limits should be increased, while in another new segment, V8 to the Rescue, the boys rev up a V8-powered fast-bowling machine that will no doubt help Australia win back the Ashes against England.

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  1. Geez guys – you’ve been very gentle with your comments on the first show.
    I agree with Peter Hayes. The show is crap – should be called Out-of-Gear, because they were. Its actually embarassing. I don’t know why they have an overweight non-funny useless twit hosting it. And that Ewen is completeley out of his depth.
    Most of the comments above have been about the scheduling, which I also agree with. The nine programmers must be dumb. I doubt if the show will last.
    The UK show might have its faults, but they are very funny and give some good comparative tests, but obviously have a much bigger budget and a superior production team than down here.
    TG(UK) fan.

  2. Words fail me ,this show is a travisty read crap.,presenters crap content crap, The pommie presenters after a night at the local would do 200% better please an aoology from Australia.

  3. Top Gear Australia decide to test a Volvo S60 R against an Audi S4 which costs 50k more.The Audi S4 is designed to give the M3 a run for its money.The Volvo S60 would eat the Audi A4 -3.2 alive or any BMW in its price range.Why not put the Volvo S60 against a BMW 335i or the Lexus 350 which would make for more interesting viewing for those of us in the real world trying to decide what car to buy next.

  4. Don’t know why Nine continues to bother with this show. The ratings are always disappointing and it’s a shocking show. Mind you, I have to agree with the other posters on this thread … how stupid is Nine to put it up against Rafters?!?!? Duh! It’s not rocket science guys, don’t put your very expensive-to-make local show up against the most popular comedy-drama show on commercial TV. It’s not like TGA has been a smash hit ever before …

  5. Why not put it say on a Monday at 7:30pm against whatever 7,ABC and SBS have on at that hour instead of relying on your 2.5 men,Big Bang Theory,Hot in Cleveland strategy of old.Tuesday 8:30pm won’t work up against Rafters…It didn’t work against Winners and losers either.The only real thing you stood a chance against was Grey’s Anatomy

  6. Out of the 7 nights in a week available to choose from, they pitch one of their weakest programs against one of the highest rating shows on TV (Rafters). Good luck with that Nine 😉

    I didn’t realise we’d worked through the whole UK series already, seemed too quick.

  7. Personally I like the local version, maybe not the ones that have aired on Nine but it’s hard to tell since they only aired 4 eps late last year while SBS had some 16 shows. Not sure if a better time slot would help but up against the Rafters isn’t doing the boys any favors.

    Maybe a better schedule could have been 7:30 Mondays followed by 2.5 Men and BBT?

  8. @Guy – you could throw that argument at anything that Nine put in that slot, unless you’re advocating that they fall back on 2.5 Men Theory again. The Aus version of TG has never pulled good numbers – putting it on at 7:30 isn’t going to do it any favours. At least Nine are offering a point of difference rather than programming like against like. I’d actually call it good scheduling.

  9. Is Nine trying to kill this show? Seriously they haven’t learnt anything. Tuesdays 8:30pm is the worst timeslot for Nine to put it against Rafters. Why not 7:30pm? Seriously Nine its no wonder you have failed this year. Scheduling is bad.

  10. Finally something to watch Once Winners and Losers ends season 1 this week.I was starting to think I would have to get used to late night bookshop visits on a Tuesday Night thank you Nine for saving us from the likes of James May(Half the reason for the last six months I switched over to 7 at that hour)and his cronies clarkson and hammond.

  11. David it’s actually the 4th, 2 seasons aired on SBS… unless the eps that were on in 2010 were S3 part 1 and this is part 2?

    Some of the stories sound interesting, like the road rules/laws and the new FJ Cruiser.

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