60 Minutes: Oct 2

This week onĀ 60 Minutes does Tara Brown meet her own United States of Tara? Sort of…

And after that dreadful interview between Liam Bartlett and Joan Collins, I really hope his story on the Butcher of Bosnia is much better.

Here’s what’s on the menu.

All of Me
It’s one of the strangest conversations Tara Brown has ever had. Kim Noble is just one person, but she has more than 20 different personalities, maybe as many as one hundred separate characters populating her mind. It’s among the most extreme cases of dissociative identity disorder ever recorded, triggered when Kim suffered shocking sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child. To survive, her mind splintered into multiple personalities and on the day Tara met Kim, it was them, who did all the talking.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Stephen Taylor

The Butcher of Bosnia
It was genocide on a scale not seen in Europe since the holocaust. In July, 1995, a Serbian-backed paramilitary unit slaughtered eight thousand men and boys in the small Bosnian town of Srebrenica. The man who ordered the massacre was General Ratko Mladic – known, for his terrible cruelty, as the Butcher of Bosnia. But the hunt for Mladic has taken 16 long years. It was two determined Australians who finally brought one of the world’s most notorious war criminals to justice.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Howard Sacre

The Pursuit of Happiness
In a lifetime of reporting, no one has ever asked Charles Wooley to go out and find ‘happiness’! Reporters get assigned to droughts, floods, earthquakes and wars, misery aplenty. But the elusive subject of human happiness? Where do you begin? Here in Australia, we’re living longer and richer lives than ever; yet we’re still complaining, a nation of misery guts. So Charles ventured forth on a strange journey of self-discovery to find out why we’re so unhappy and how to put a smile back on our dials.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Danny Keens

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. @Armchair Analyst

    Seeing as the europeans have a history of Not bringing to justice the perpetrators of the same sorts of thing this guy did (only on a Much larger scale than he did it), such as leaders of Turkey and Russia, I think it’s incredibly important that Europe (and the world) as a whole act on this together and sentence him. Even if he dies first, that is not the point, they need to establish that they will not tolerate these sorts of crimes.

  2. @MattyJ

    Although I’m not defending Nine, it should be noted Sunday Night do they same. Last week’s chimp raised by human story also did the rounds on American talk shows over 6 months ago..

  3. Armchair Analyst

    Ah yes another crap episode of 60 minutes. nothing hard hitting here nothing at all. Only speculation. Radko Mladic will try to bore out the court his already doing it, this guy is intelligent no doubt. I bet you he gets off. I mean its took the UN 16 years to find him, it will take another 16 to sentence him, think of the laziness of the courts over there. I would guess that he will die before he gets sentenced he is quite old now with failing health so what will they really achieve, they are just wasting there time, They should be dealing with their debts instead of hunting this guy down. If Bosnia wants to do it let them i hardly think the whole of Europe needs to get involoved.

  4. The Kim Noble story as well as the Happiness story were both featured episodes of Oprah’s Farewell Season. But wait, the happiness segment on 60 Minutes will have Goldie Hawn in it…. Woops Oprah had her on too. Someone been watching channel 10 in their lunch break me thinks!

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