Airdate: David Hasselhoff Roast. Returning: Chase.

Here's an update on some late night shows on Nine including Better With You and Rubicon.

Here’s an update on some late night shows on Nine:

Sitcom Better with You returned to screens this week. You’ll usually find it playing at 11:30pm somwhere between Mondays – Thursdays.

David Hasselhoff Roast premieres 10:30pm Sun Oct 2.
David Hasselhoff faces a gauntlet of celebrity insulters including Pamela Anderson, Jerry Springer, Greg Giraldo, Jeffrey Ross, Hulk Hogan and more.

Chase resumes 10:30pm Thursday October 6th
When a desperate fugitive jumps bail and turns violent, the U.S. Marshals must find him before he disappears. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Annie and a bounty hunter who is also trying to capture the criminal.

Rubicon premieres 12:00am Friday October 7th (Thursday night)
Rubicon is a conspiracy thriller that follows an analyst at a New York City think-tank whose work leads him to uncover a hidden clue that points to an unfolding global conspiracy. Stars James Badge Dale, Dallas Roberts and Miranda Richardson.

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  1. I think Nine will want to have a look at the numbers for Hoff before committing to any others. There is no doubt that the relatively recent Sheenanigans and return of 2.5 would have contributed to interest in Sheen’s roast. Trump is a good call for the next one. Think Shatner’s one would be ok, too.

  2. Well, I’m glad that Nine have decided to try another roast, but agree that Sun night is prob not best. Thought Tue 9:30 was fine but it looks like they’re putting Survivor there. If it’s MA-rated and on after 10:30, they don’t need to bleep the ‘F’ word (nor the ‘C’ word but I’ll give them that one).

  3. I know ‘Better with You’ wasn’t the best sitcom last season but 11:30pm? Also I’m not the best fan of David Hasselhoff but sticking his Roast late Sunday night is just wrong. Trust Nine to take a good thing and stuff it.

    Where was Chase up to on Nine?

    Shame on Nine for sticking Rubicon at midnight, a year late. I thought the multi channels would change things?

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