Now The Commander is chased away

Updated: Nine has dumped The Commander in favour of a movie and CSI: Miami.

Last week Nine dumped Chase in favour of The Commander repeats on Sunday nights.

It pulled 277,000 viewers, down on 398,000 for Chase the preceding week (although it did run longer).

Now Nine has dumped The Commander in favour of movies.

The Bone Collector
(1999) airs this Sunday at 9:30pm with Fracture (2007) to follow a week later.

Update: Nine now drops Fracture. Replaced with CSI: Miami rpt.

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  1. Sorry I’m confused.

    Isn’t this meant to be the Summer Non ratings period? In other words, channels put on shows that don’t rate too well during the official ratings season.

    Why put on these programs during non ratings periods and then yank them off if they don’t rate? Isn’t that what this period is all about??

  2. Interestingly enough, apart from survivor, there is nothing that I am watching, and nothing that I will be watching, on Nine or its group of channels, for the summer non-ratings period. Channel 7, 10 and eleven I’ll be sticking to.

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