Farewell CSI: Miami

The last ever episode of CSI: Miami screens tonight on Nine.

“Habeas Corpse” is the nineteenth episode of the tenth season. It aired in the US in April.

Horatio investigates one of his own CSIs after one of Miami’s biggest enemies is murdered.

It airs at 9:30pm tonight.


  1. I’ve always thought that ‘Miami’ was the poorest of the 3 CSI shows. Horatio and his chums seem only interested in a case when a supermodel and/or the hyper-rich are involved.
    I used to watch it and wonder if Miami doesn’t have any poor areas, or if crimes committed in these areas not warrant the full CSI treatment.

  2. Its sad to see it go as I love all 3 CSI shows. It was either CSI Miami or CSI New York that was going to be axed and CSI Miami had to be the one. I’m also happy that CSI NY survived as its my favourite show.

  3. Brilliant series that deserved to be renewed. The finale was a great episode with an ending that left no unanswered questions. Sad to see such great actors out of a job though.

  4. I read an interview with Eva La Rue,
    and she said they’d all gone on their hiatus
    after this episode, thinking they’d be back
    for a new season. But they all got told on hiatus
    that it had ended. So, if it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a final
    episode, I guess that’s why.

  5. For a show that’s been running for a decade, it should’ve been given a 22 episode season or whatever it normally gets in order to wrap up such a show that’s been running that long. But CBS would never warrant such a thing.
    I’ll be watching tonight. I just hope it gives closure to the fans.

  6. I have enjoyed this show, but haven’t been able to follow it from start to finish due to many time slots, days and on and off programming!
    Thanks for the memories CSI Miami!

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