Chased away by Nine

Another day, another bunch of changes from Nine.

Another day, another bunch of changes from Nine.

Now US drama Chase has been chased away from Sunday nights. Beginning this Sunday Nine airs a repeat of UK drama The Commander starring Amanda Burton.

Nine has also removed CSI: Miami from 10:30pm Wednesdays starting tonight, replaced with Cold Case repeats. But the new CSI episode remains at 8:30pm.

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  1. Hasn’t the Chase series been cut in the US? It would have disappeared eventually. Yeah, it’s no good checking your TV guide- Wednesday night The Big C is gone – to be replaced by a movie…Cold Case in TV guide was for 8:30 – didn’t air until 10:30 – by then I couldn’t be bothered to watch.

  2. @Bogues

    Thanks so much for the update, much appreciated! Couldn’t agree with you more, it really is impossible to keep up with these changes. If it wasn’t for Tvtonight, I wouldn’t have a clue!

  3. Well it seems that your only chance of survival on nine is to have Shane Warne in your show. He doesn’t need anyone to watch for his show to stay on air.

    I now know why I choose to watch new series on pay-tv. That way you know that you are going to see the whole series from start to finish.

  4. @Qubec

    The Big C and Weeds return at 10:30pm and 11pm respectively next Wednesday (an hour later than now). The Tuesday replays are also out, pushing Conan forward.

    You need a rocket science degree to keep ahead of all the changes Nine have made this week. Why don’t they just show Two and a half men on all channels between 7pm and midnight and be done with it?

  5. Redbullboy, 9 have shown repeatedly that the only thing they actually care about is being #1. Doesn’t matter that they’re still coming 2nd, or that they’re making money, they just want to be #1 again, as demonstrated by all these last minute program changes. Presumbly they want to again advertise “we’re the one” (I’ll leave “the one … (what)” up for debate). Their continued actions, even into “non-ratings”, show this is nothing more than a p’ing contest against 7 as far as they’re concerned.

  6. This is so funny!
    Chase is the first show I’ve watched on channel 9 this year!
    And now it’s going.
    Serves me right for expecting anything else.
    Yes, I did enjoy The Commander when I saw the series yonks ago on Pay TV, but not enough to watch it again.

  7. Why bother?! You’d think that as it’s only summer Nine wouldn’t care as much about ratings – and in any event, they’re still coming second without much competition from Ten and ABC. All this swapping and changing will surely alienate viewers and affect Nine’s ratings when normal rating season resumes.

  8. David, do you know where The Big C and Weeds have gone? They were meant to be on GEM tonight and now As Goods As It Gets is on instead. Why the change and do you know if/when these shows will be back?

  9. Question – what does a TV guide and the NIne Network have in common ?
    How can a network that could rightly claim to “be still the one” 5 years ago now be treated like arunning joke.
    Little wonder other networks just sit back and laugh.

  10. Nice one Nein!! Although Chase is a blatant copy of “In Plain Sight” (Tough female Marshall with Father issues) it is/was a good PVR show to record and watch later.
    I believe it’s been receiving poor results in the US also

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