Hit List TV axed

Another music show has bitten the dust.

This time it is regional music clip show Hit List TV, produced by Southern Cross Broadcasting.

First airing in 2009, the show is hosted by Tim Dormer & Renee Peterson, who also host a Hits List radio show.

Like the now defunct Video Hits, it was broadcast at 10am weekends.

But it may not be the end for the hosts. Via Twitter there were hints that “something new & exciting” was to start.

Renee Peterson also tweeted: Starting to pack up my beach shack! WOW its really happening!!! Hollywood I will see u in 2 weeks!

The final show airs from 10am today.


  1. So while Hit List TV ends, so has Hit List countdown which was syndicated to the regional radio stations from the Gold Coast has also ended. Because now that Southern Cross also own Austereo I guess they deemed it too larger cost to operate to shows doing the same thing so bye bye to the regional one and just syndicate the metro one Hot 30 with Matty and Maude… interestingly Matty was co-host with Renne and did Hit List TV before and now he’s back! Shame about Renne though she’s been co-hosting that evening show for years first with Big K, then Matty and now Timmy and now come to an end!
    Same thing with the drive shows though, the drive show that was syndicated from the Gold Coast has also ended with the same thing, everything coming from the metro stations Fifi and Jules and Hamish and Andy. I guess why have 2 shows that will cost you more when you can just streamline and syndicate everything.

  2. Shane – Matty Acton was the original co-host of The Hit List (both the radio show and the TV show). He left about a year ago to join the Hot 30 and Renee was then joined by Tim.

  3. Do you think Southen Cross Austereo has too much power here? Also, do you think our commerical radio industry needs to be de-regulated to help us keep up with the rest of the world? I think it should, regional listeners need more choice. Also, one more idea for now: can some songs after 9pm EST/EDST be played uncensored on SCA stations?

  4. Thank the lord, the 2 most annoying presenters I’ve seen in a long time finally off the screens and the air. Now just to have a pure clip show without annoying announcers who add nothing to the program.

  5. The reason why is because the Southern Cross Austereo regional radio network is taking the Hot 30 from Monday so they’re simply renaming Hit List TV to Hot 30 Countdown TV. Just a name change here, but they also might change the hosts.

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