Judging time: Dannii for The Voice? Ricki-Lee for Young Talent Time?

There are two reports today on TV talent judges today.

One suggests Nine may be luring Dannii Minogue to The Voice and another that speculates whether Ricki Lee Coulter may judge Young Talent Time.

Signing Minogue for The Voice would be a coup, as well as undermining Seven’s stranglehold on Australia’s Got Talent.

All three AGT judges are understood to be out of contract, so it would suit any star to have networks bidding for their services. On The Voice Minogue would be part of a more mature vehicle, mentoring serious singers. On Australia’s Got Talent she remains an observer, watching on as everything from tap dancing kids to pole dancers wait for a verdict.

But AGT has been good to Minogue, giving her a platform and her early success helped open doors for a judging role on The X Factor UK. So she already knows the appeal of mentoring singers. On the other hand AGT is now a proven ratings hit. There are no guarantees The Voice will work.

Meanwhile, there are whispers that Ricki-Lee Coulter may be in the running for a judging role on Young Talent Time.

Coulter is a graduate of Australian Idol  (as is host Rob Mills) herself, but I’m also intrigued to read it too may have judges as mentors. That certainly didn’t happen in its first run.

“We love Ricki-Lee, we’ve had a lot to do with her over the years, but we are yet to have any discussions about the judging panel,” a spokeswoman said. “It’s still very early in the process.”

Source: Herald Sun


  1. What’s all the hype with the voice? After the initial gimmick it’s just another singing show. Nine + shine = disaster and as for the recycling of so called celebrities please, if the show is meant to be about talent then at the very least put some talent in the coaches/judges box.

  2. There were rumours that the UK version was after her a few months ago, so if she jumps franchises that would make sense. But they really need to get someone like Pink. I’m not sure if she would do a show like this fulltime.

  3. Brilliant work by her management. Her name is being thrown around at Ch9’s new show, just as she is negotiating her new Ch7 contract. I wonder where this leak came from? Maybe her management group by any chance?

  4. At the top of my list for The Voice would be Natalie Imbruliga. Apart from her the rest should be imports, as Australia has no high profile singers. puh-lease no one say John Farnham.

  5. No offence to Dannii, but I think it would be a Huge mistake for channel 9 and Shine to have Minogue on their judging panel – she should stick with AGT. The voice America is successful because of the high calibre of the judges. Dannii is hardly in their league as a vocalist and would make The Voice lose credibility here and become destined to fail. You need Real powerhouse singers like Aguilera, Pink or even Amorosi to do the show justice. How can you have a show called “The Voice” judged by such a mediocre vocalist……don’t do it Nine!! The Voice would lose all creditbility and originality it had going for it and look just like another X-factor or AGT scripted rip-off. I thought this show was going to be different.

  6. I can’t wait for The Voice, it’s a great format, there’s no talentless bogans, drawn out audition shows and endless padding. Danni is so not right for this program – surely anyone who has watched the US version can see that? Each of the celebrity coaches routinely sings on the show and I’m sorry she doesn’t have the pipes to pull it off. Zero credibility for a show that’s all about singing.

  7. Dannii wouldn’t leave AGT. From what I’ve seen she seems to have alot of pride about the show. Remember she’s been there for five years and I doubt she would leave the Simon Cowell umbrella.

  8. I can remember when Young Talent Time had a reunion many years ago. A few of the big name stars woul’nt appear in case it hurt their following. For years it was uncool to be a former YTT member. Danni was one of the big names to appear on the reunion. She never forgot where she came from and and always acknowledged it. What i am getting at is that Danni is very loyal. She has no reason to leave AGT. Seven will counter any offer made by Nine.The Voice would be a step down for her. Nine is entering a very crowded market place.

  9. Wasn’t there talk of Vanessa Amorosi becoming a judge on The Voice?

    No offense but I think Dannii would cheapen the brand. I’m sure she’s now busy with that clothing line of hers anyway.

    I also don’t like the idea of Ricki Lee for YTT.. why not get Jess Mauboy? She’s closer to their age group and could relate very well to them. Or someone quirky like Kate Miller Heidke? Come on Networks.. stop recycling the same celebrities.

  10. Oh righto David thanks for that, i apologise.I honestly don’t remember them though, what did they do and when were they there, I only started watching about 86?

  11. I hope Dannii stays with Talent because it suits her and like people have said The Voice isn’t proven and it’s a huge huge risk. Nine and talent shows = fail. They just don’t work on this network.

    In saying all this The Voice is a good show from what I have seen with 3 other versions of the show in the US and the Dutch love this show but yeah it’s a lineball thing but imo Dannii should stay with what’s working and that’s Talent.

  12. Hard to imagine AGT without Dannii, she would be a big loss, Seven should get her services shored up now! I would like to see her have some part in the local version of x-factor, perhaps if any of the judges don’t return next year. She was great on X-factor UK.

  13. Moanique in Brisbane

    I hope Danni stays with AGT, which is a proven success. The Voice, as David said is not guaranteed to work. Nine has not had success with a talent show since New Faces.

  14. hmm. Would Dannii leave AGT? I don’t think she would.

    But then… new challenge, new show, more direct mentoring. Who knows. :p

    If she did; 7 should try and replace her with her Sister. 😉

  15. Okay, why is there judges on YTT???
    Keep it the same format otherwise it just another talent show,and that would truly suck.
    Dannii’s not bad but she doesn’t have the balls or sass of Christina, maybe someone like The Veronicas, a bit edgier.
    Easier said than done though I realise.

  16. Dont do it danni, Tge Voice is made by shine it’s going to be an expensive spectacular flop. Just look at where The Renovators, Minute to win it, Iron Chef, The Boss is coming to dinner, In Their footsteps, ect have ended up.

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