Airdate: Recruits Paramedics, An Idiot Abroad: Bucket List. Returning: Rules of Engagement, House.

With the upcoming Renovators finale, TEN is renovating its primetime schedule from Tuesday October 11.

This includes the premiere of Recruits Paramedics, An Idiot Abroad: Bucket List and the return of Rules of Engagement and House.

Tuesday October 11
7:30pm Modern Family rpt
8:00pm Modern Family rpt
8:30pm NCIS
9:30pm NCIS: LA

Wednesday October 12
7:30pm TBA
8:30pm Hawaii Five-0
9:30pm An Idiot Abroad: Bucket List

Thursday October 13
7:30pm Recruits Paramedics
8:00pm Recruits Paramedics
8:30pm Rush
9:30pm Law & Order: S.V.U (Rpt)

Friday October 14
7:30pm Rules Of Engagement
8:00pm Rules Of Engagement
8:30pm House
9:30pm TBA

While Glee looks set to have three weeks off in the US, TEN hasn’t revealed what will air at 7:30pm October 12. Welcome to the downside of fast-tracking.

TEN is also yet to reveal what will screen at 6:30pm Sunday October 16 but it is yet to announce an airdate for Class of 2011 which had a sneak peek following the MasterChef finale.


  1. The Other Adam

    I am sooooooo glad Ten are showing An Idiot Abroad Bucket List and not too delayed behind the UK either. I will not bother finding those episodes elsewhere now and look forward to watching them on Ten!!

  2. I agree that even if it’s not official it’s more than likely the final House season, either way I just hope they make it official soon.

    As for TEN I doubt it will die any time soon, it’s not OneTel.

  3. Fox haven’t confirmed House is finishing, but Hugh Laurie’s contract finishes for 8 seasons and there’s little chance he’d be able to get more than 400 grand an episode if he re-signed, which is what he’s been on. He’d have to take a pay cut, so I greatly doubt a season 9 and 10 is on the cards.

  4. I think TEN would be wise to hold off on some fasttrack shows ie modern family/new girl, good wife, SVU.
    Ringer will last no more than 4 episodes then get shifted to 1030 or 11 it really isn’t main channel material here in Australia’s CW programs are niche good content for a digital channel or fox8 that’s about it.
    Terra Nova will start big but dwindel despite it being a good pilot

  5. What about the remaining episodes of Bondi Vet that were dumped for The Renovators… that worked well didn’t it with Renovators getting less numbers than Bondi Vet.

  6. Well done to 10 for getting An Idiot Abroad so early, the states don’t get it until january. Though i’m still nlt sure how I feel about having Karl become more famous, I liked having a small group of people who know the brilliance of Pilkington. It also seems people who only have seen Karl on Idiot Abroad seem to think he is a character, trust me he isn’t, this stuff has been going on for 10 years now

  7. Ten still have episodes of Rules Of Engagement thtat have not aired from previous seasons. Modern Family was actually fast tracked back in september after its premiere and yet it just finished airing weeks ago.
    Interesting Schedule. I like it

  8. @Craig- some fair points, and I agree that I’d rather it faster and on a bad day than wait.
    @Adam- can I second that?! We need Good Wife ASAP.

    Surely Ten could put House or Good Wife on Thursdays instead of a billionth repeat of SVU

  9. What a stupid move by TEN having House on Friday nights. It was better on Wednesday then ten moved it to a Monday. Big boss Lachlan Murdoch is stuffing the network.

    What about showing a block buster movies on Friday nights.

  10. @Qubec – House – a) probably it’s last season, b) it hasn’t been ratings as well as it once did c) TEN had a whole to fill on Friday nights.

    I’d say for most it won’t matter, if they want to watch and are going out or busy just PVR the show and watch it over the weekend or something.

    I prefer they show it now and fast rather than wait for an opening in 2012.

    RoE – my guilty pleasure, perfect for Fridays to veg out on. I haven’t watch FTA on Fridays for a while, some great docos on BBCK over the last few months but I can record them for RoE and House.

  11. Secret Squïrrel

    Was looking fwd to Bucket List but they’ve put it on at the same time as SoA. Thought it would’ve gone to One too, as with things like bungee jumping, wrestling, and diving with sharks, it’s prob more blokey than the first series.

  12. Hawaii Five O has failed, why do ten insist on sticking with it? house also seems wasted on the main channel. why not premiere both on eleven or one? fasttracked episodes of glee can’t even pull decent numbers, serves them right for shuffling it around so much. and i still maiintain that new NCIS and NCIS LA are a waste when ten have already lost the year.

  13. The only reason Glee will take 3 weeks off in the US is Major League Baseball playoffs at this time of the year. Since the Fox network in the US has the rights to most playoff matches (including the World Series finals), and the matches can be held at any day of the week, all primetime shows on Fox, including Glee and House for that matter, can be rested at short notice.

  14. House on Friday, are they serious? House is in its last season and has been one of the few medical shows of the 21st century to survive (with it having high ratings until the last season) and their putting it on Friday to die.

  15. Awesome, Rules of Engagement is back! Though, I’m surprised it’s on Ten. Surely ELEVEN would be better. Oh well, I’m just glad it’s back. And why aren’t Ten airing the new season of Modern Family? S3 just started in the US, yet they choose to continue repeats. Anyway, thanks for the news, David.

  16. House on Friday nights, you can tell it’s on it’s last legs. I still like the shows and the promos look interesting. So Oct 14 is about 10 days after the US.

    Rules Of Engagement will be on here (new I assume) within a week of the US.

    An Idiot Abroad: Bucket List – I thought that was going to ONE (like the first season) but now TEN is showing it just a few weeks after the UK. Good on them!

    I think we need to define what is fast tracking, IMO it’s within 7 days of it’s original broadcast whether thats the US or any other country in the world.

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