1. I don’t know why ten had to premiere Terra Nova on Sunday, the most competitive night of the week. I reckon it will sink just like Hawaii Five O and The Good Wife have gone before it.

  2. Well, at least Ringer was up vs. last week- and is still on the schedule. Next week ratings will probably fall since Ten doesn’t promote the show at all before Sunday at 8:30- and I can’t see that Mobbed show doing decent numbers.

  3. Actually, considering the discussions we’ve had on.ratings and the countries involved, I dont think the RWC should be counted at all since Australia wasn’t playing. Only fair, right? (Sarcasm for the idiots too thick to recognise)

  4. I’d also be interested in the Nine vs GEM split of the Rugby. I think it will prove once and for all that not many care for HD coverage of sport (FWIW, I watched the game on GEM, but would have happily watched it on Nine if it wasn’t on GEM).

    If you add the 648k that watched the RWC final on Foxtel, it might add up to one of the top 10 events of the year.

  5. Was furious that Nine decided to cut straight to Underbelly and not show the presentation. If it was Australia it would be different.

    TEN’s numbers are terrible. They are not going to beat Nine next year that is for sure.

  6. Rugby World Cup final posted massive ratings in NZ (of course) last night. 1.98 million people watched the match across 4 channels (TV ONE, TV3, Maori TV and Sky Sport 1). A huge result considering the country’s population is only 4.4 million! TV ONE and Sky Sport 1 had the largest share of audience.

  7. Those numbers are terrible for Terra Nova & Ringer… I’ve only seen ep1-3 of Terra Nova, its okay but not fantastic. I’ve watched the Ringer Pilot, and I’m interested enough to watch more… when I have time.

  8. I think timeshift will help Underbelly’s figures to lift a little as those numbers are a little low. The show itself is becoming frustrating, there’s plenty of sex but half the people are fully clothed whilst having it!

    Interesting about Terra Nova as it’s ratings in the US are holding steady and making slight gains in the target demo from previous weeks.

  9. Maev....Sydney

    I am loving the series….The #1 Ladies Detective Agency…..but I do watch it on Iview…..
    Sunday nights I watch Escape to Country on ch.72…..as I cannot watch it later.

  10. Persons of Interest is a good show i think its been picked up for a full season,Ive been enjoying it over the boring CSI’s.I believe theres 1 episode to go next week.

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